Tuesday 3 January 2023

This time next year! (Again).

This time last year I wrote a blog post, This time next year. It was a list of things that I wanted to achieve by next year, which is now. Doesn't time fly. Thinking back to last year it doesn't seem like we did much but we actually did!

2023 plans

This time next year we will have a fantastic garden.
We're getting there but it is a whole lot nicer than it was this time last year. The new fence went up, we tidied the garden up a lot and I planted lots and lots of things grew including my pumpkins which I was so proud of. All that we didn't do was get some new furniture.

This time next year we will have been on holiday.
We had planned on having a few nights away during the summer but then Stu went and got a new job and couldn't really take time off.

This time next year I will be worrying less.
I have stopped worrying about the little things as much but have had some big things to worry about. Some money issues, Ellie getting her hearing aids and all of the drama which came with it and my dad (he's fine).

This time next year I will be reading books again.
I have made time to read more and read the 4 that I was sent to review and a couple more. I even got a couple of books for Christmas that I am looking forward to reading. 

This time next year we will have replaced the hall and stair carpet.
That hasn't happened. We do have a new little carpet at the bottom of the stairs so it's a start.

This time next year I will have a massive collection of family photos.
I have been taking more photos of my family as much as my girls hate it but I am getting quite a collection.

This time next year Ellie will have done her mock GCSE's and will have done well.
She did amazingly well and we are so proud of her! 

This time next year we will have some money saved.
We have done well at saving especially since Stu got his new job. I think him working longer hours has actually helped us cut down on the spending.

This time next year I will have lost some more weight.
I have lost more weight, not a lot but I am still heading in the right direction.

This time next year Becky will have passed her driving test.
This is a work in progress! She has started her lessons and is doing really well.

This time next year:

We will have been on holiday, we are already planning it.
Will have redecorated the kitchen and at least one of the girls bedrooms as well as the bathroom which I am halfway through doing.
Ellie will have done well in her GCSE's.
Ellie will have a part time job.
Becky will have passed her driving test.
Becky will have enough money saved to buy a car or already have one.
Stu and I will be spending more time together on his days off.
I will have all of the Christmas present buying done by the start of December.
I will have completed a few craft projects which I've been meaning to do for ages.
We will have cut down on the takeaways. We have cut down but I want to have even less.
I will be getting outside more, not just sitting in the garden during the summer. 
I will be baking more instead of buying cakes.

What will you have done by this time next year?


  1. What a great way to think about the things that you want to achieve over the next year, and it looks like you have done really well with your things from last year! I have a few goals in mind for the year, and we also want to get some work done on our house. We have old carpets throughout that must have been original to our house and they desperately need replacing, it's too big a job to do all at once but hopefully we might make a start on that over the next year as we have some money set aside. I also have lots of craft projects to work on!

  2. What a great look back on how you did this past year! You did really well and I love how you phrase these and think about how you want to change going forward.

  3. well done on 2022's list - I look forward to your post in a year - I don't do a post with a list, but I wanted to replace my original glass sliding doors (done!) Replace garage door seal (not done) have landscape plan for front yard completed (done - happy to have gotten rid of a line of bushes in front yard)

  4. This is a brilliant post idea! You have done well achieving your goals. I'm on a journey to worry less too (not easy!) You've inspired me to think about what else I want to be doing this time next year.

  5. Well done for the goals for last year. Not everything can work out, especially with big changes like a new job. Well done for weight loss, that's really good.
    Also, good luck with your new goals, I hope you can all of them. xx