Friday 20 January 2023

This week my Word of the Week is: Pain! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is: 


I said in my meal plan post how anxious I was feeling about getting the contraceptive implant changed in my arm and how I would probably be laughing at the end of the day about how silly I was for worrying. Well I wasn't laughing by Monday evening. Why can't anything be straightforward?

I went to the doctors on Monday afternoon and was seeing the same doctor who couldn't get my last implant out without the help of another doctor 3 years ago so I wasn't feeling that confident. I went in the room and he said I was getting the implant removed and asked why I wasn't getting a new one put in? I was planning to so he looked at his computer and could see the prescription that I was supposed to have been given by the receptionist to get the implant from the pharmacy next door wasn't issued. The receptionist should have ordered the implant ready for me to pick up when I made the appointment 3 weeks ago but hadn't.

I know the NHS is under pressure and I am no way bashing them but when receptionists are not doing their job properly it really adds to the strain! Instead of having just one 30 minute appointment to get the implant replaced, I had the old one removed on Monday and then had another 30 minute appointment yesterday to get the new one put in. That's 30 minutes that someone else or several people could have used!

Thankfully the doctor got the old implant out quite quickly but of course my arm was still sore. In fact on Monday night I didn't sleep well so on Tuesday I was in a right grump. Just as my arm started to feel better I was back at the doctors yesterday to get the new implant put in the other arm so that started the whole pain process again. I know it's nothing compared to the pain that some people go through on a daily basis but I can't help but feel that if someone had done their job properly I wouldn't still be in pain now. 

I have come to realise that it hurts more getting a new implant in a new arm than getting one removed or replaced. My family has been very sympathetic and I might be milking this whole drama a little getting them to fetch and carry for me. hehehe

The builders next door are being a right pain too. When they first started working on the house next door they were really considerate but now they only work one full day a week and 2 half days, the half days starting at 8am on a Saturday and Sunday which is really starting to annoy me. I can't understand what they have left to hammer and drill, especially on the walls joined to our house and why they have to do it on a weekend morning when it's the only time I get to have a lie in. Grr! I am just trying to think that one day all of the work will be done and someone will move in, I just hope they aren't noisy on a weekend morning too. lol

How has your week been?

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  1. oh what a palaver! It's so annoying when someone doesn't do their job right, especially something as simple as putting a prescription in. It must really hurt having the implant, but at least you know it will be a while before you need it again. I hope you get a peaceful weekend, and a lie in xx

  2. Oh dear mate. It sounds like you've really been through it this week bless. I hope you manage to get a chilled out weekend. Take it easy lovely. Sending big hugs your way. xx

  3. Oh no! I am so sorry to hear you had to go to the doctor's twice!

  4. Oh that's no good! It's bad enough having to go to the doctor once but twice is just plain annoying. I can't believe those builders are still going. It sounds like it's been ages since they started work next door. I hope they finish soon so you can all get some peace. Sending big hugs and hoping your pain goes away soon xx

  5. That is rough having to mentally prepare for a second appointment, plus the extra pain. I hope it's eased up now and you can relax this weekend.

  6. It doesn't help when someone doesn't do their job and then the builders add insult to injury! Hope your arms feel better soon.. but not till Monday so people can still wait on you LOL! Karen - Early Rising Mum

  7. What a pain having to have two appointments because the receptionist hadn’t sorted out the prescription for your new implant. Glad you’ve got it in now and hope that your arm is feeling less sore. That’s annoying about the builders starting work early at the weekend and being noisy. Hope that it doesn’t go on for too much longer. #WotW

  8. That is all very frustrating! Sorry to hear it was so painful. I hope things have settled down for you now and that the weekend building works are over very soon.

  9. I think you are very brave getting an implant. That wouldn't be for me. And someone making me go a second time because they didn't order it would push my anxiety through the roof! The builders sound like a right pain. I wouldn't be happy either #WotW