Friday 27 January 2023

This week my Word of the Week is: Chatter! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


Most weeks when writing my Word of the Week blog post I have a word in mind when I start typing but not this week. It has been one of those weeks where not much has happened, we have just been plodding on with life. I don't mean that in a bad way, we've all had a good week but there didn't seem much to write about until I started typing so I am going to chatter a little bit and catch you up on what's gone on over the past week.

Both of my arms are better after having my contraceptive implant replaced. I took the dressing off on Monday while Stu was here as I had a thought in my head that when I took the sticky plaster off I would pull the implant out. Thinking about it rationally I doubt that could happen but I was catastrophising, everything was fine. Phew!

I have spent most of the week playing with Lego. lol I got a Harry Potter Hedwig Lego set ages ago and haven't got around to putting it together until this week. I have only ever done kids Lego, when I was a kid or the girls were little. This set was for ages 10 plus and it was quite the challenge. There were several times that I had bits put together and then realised something was the wrong way around so had to start that little section again. I am writing this before I've finished Hedwig so you can expect to see a photo sometime over the next couple of days.

On her driving lesson this week Becky was learning all about roundabouts. She hates them and has said that when she passes her test that she will avoid them, good luck with that as there's one at the end of our street. lol She said there is too much to think about, I am sure in time she will feel less panicked but for now they scare her. Next week the driving instructor is taking her to the outskirts of town where there are tons of roundabouts. Eek.

The GCSE's are becoming very real for Ellie. She will be starting them in just over 3 months which seems really scary! Not for her though, she is taking everything in her stride. She has everything that she needs to do well, the textbooks, revision websites, her hearing aids and extra time in the exams because of her hearing loss. I am worrying more than Ellie. It doesn't seem two minutes since she was picking the GCSE subjects that she will be studying and now she's so close to the exams and leaving school.

Stu had a funny experience at work. There was about 5 people picked to go and speak to some investors, Stu was one of them and asked his manager why he was picked thinking it was because he was doing his job really well but it was because the manager didn't trust some of the younger staff not to complain about the company and put the investors off. lol Stu is doing well at work though, he had an amazing week last week. His targets on phone calls are 1 of one thing and 2 of something else per week and he got 6 of one thing and about 10 of the other thing. He just struck it lucky on his calls. It's a shame it can't be like that every week but it means he will get his bonus this month.

January is lasting forever!! I said to Becky the other day how has it only been a month since Christmas. It really is the longest month and Becky is feeling it. She got paid early and payday can't come soon enough for her. Stu and I have learned that lesson over the years so we've been tight with our money and have actually managed to save some money this month. hehehe

I hope you have all had a good week!

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  1. I'm glad your arms are feeling better. So easy to overthink it. You reminded me of that trick to get splinters out using sellotape. How nice to do a I've been having lego set by yourself. I've never had a set of my own. Maybe one day. Good luck to Beckie avoiding roundabouts. We have a new type on the way to the orthodontist, where some lanes go straight over the roundabout. Not as bad as it sounds. Prefer it to double mini roundabouts. My youngest is doing GCSEs and it really is coming up soon. Ellie sounds like she is set up well. Well done Stu for a productive week. I hope his company appreciates him. Oh, I feel like we've really had a chatter, now!

  2. I have not touched a Lego in over 65 years. I was young and played with them once maybe. I think having them come in sets for a design is wonderful. Can't wait to see Hedwig. Glad your arms are better. Tell Beckie that I don't like roundabouts either. I remember when they removed the lights in 3 places on the road I drove to my last job and PUT IN ROUNDABOUTS. My feeling was they could have waited a few more years for me to leave. Yeah I drove them but I'll never like them.

  3. I think chatter is a great word... i always use my Word of the Week for a catch up and chatter. I'm glad your arms are feeling better. I'm with Becky, I hate roundabouts and used to avoid them whenever I could. When we moved house there were so many more roundabouts, we have a double one just up the round, as soon as you come out of one you enter another! But, I did get used to them, you just have to watch out for others who don't have a clue what they are doing. Finally, good for Stu for doing so well in his job xx

  4. Madam got lego for Christmas, she did one herself but found the other too difficult so I ended up doing it and yes it is most annoying when you get a bit wrong LOL!!! Depends on the roundabout as to how I feel about them. Most here are okay but there are a couple of horrid ones. Karen Early Rising Mum

  5. Glad to hear that your arms feel better. Good luck to Becky as she learns to drive. Roundabouts can be quite confusing sometimes and I’m sure there are a lot of drivers who don’t really understand the rules! I have to admit that I only drive in my local area and I’m not game enough to drive outside of my comfort zone. Sam has his driving test in a couple of weeks and he is so confident he makes me nervous!

  6. I often find I have to start the post before the right word comes into my head for the week. Chatter is a nice word. I’m glad that your arms are feeling better now. I can sympathise with Becky – I hated roundabouts when I was learning to drive too – there’s so much to think about. It will get easier though! Good luck to Ellie with her GCSEs coming up. It really doesn’t seem very long ago that she was choosing her subjects. Well done to Stu on an amazing week at work – the reasons for him being picked to speak to the investors made me chuckle. #WotW

  7. I have really got into LEGO lately. I got Ethan some sets for Christmas, they are basically for me lol. Roundabouts can be interesting we have one in town that we call the roundabout of many roundabouts. Its a big one that you go around by using smaller roundabouts. It can be fun at times! Ethan will be selecting his GCSE'S next year. Well I think we will be. I have no idea how it will work in a SEN school. It is more life skills, cooking etc. I hope Ellie does well in hers #WotW