Saturday 18 March 2023

A photo every day for a year! 11th - 17th March. Week 11 of #Project365

I have had quite a busy week with more work being done around the house. The living room is finished, hooray! We've got a shower put in but it's not working properly, ugh! It's a work in progress as the workman is coming when he has free time around other jobs. It's no hardship to us really, we've lived almost 4 years without a shower so we're not missing something we've not had in years. I discovered the gas meter isn't working after the energy company estimated our gas bill. There's an engineer coming on Monday! I am so over people coming into my house. I want everything back in it's place.

I am looking forward to a nice relaxed weekend, it being Mother's Day is a bonus, I will get the day off from doing jobs around the house and I will have the kids running around after me. hehehe We are planning to go out for lunch and I am getting a Indian takeaway for my teach which is my favourite.

Now for a photo every day!

Eldest on her laptop and flowers
A bag of tools
Newly painted walls and a scotch egg
Bottle of Prime and the shower

70/365 - 11th March
It was nice to spend some time with Becky on her weekend off. 

71/365 - 12th March
The kids bought me flowers, an early Mother's Day present. They had the sense to get them before everywhere puts their prices up.

72/365 - 13th March
The workmen were back to box in around the window and put the skirting board on. They did a great job, apart from all of the dust.

73/365 - 14th March
I painted the wall that had insulated plasterboards put on. It only took 2 coats. The first coat with watered down emulsion paint to soak into the plasterboard and the 2nd coat went on perfectly.

74/365 - 15th March
I had a go at making black pudding scotch eggs. They turned out really well. I just mixed sausage meat and black pudding and wrapped the boiled egg in the mix and then covered them in breadcrumbs. My family loved them!

75/365 - 16th March
Becky finally found some of that Prime drink at a half decent price. She's only seen it on sale for at least £10 and managed to get a bottle for £5 which I think is still a rip off. It tasted awful by the way. lol

76/365 - 17th March
The shower is in but it's not working like it should. There isn't enough water pressure, the water just trickles out which the guy is trying to sort between other jobs. The upside is that at least there aren't any leaks.

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  1. Good idea of the girls with the flowers. I've just bought my own! Poor showing from the men of the house given our local post office does really nice proper bouquets, and is only a 2 minute drive away! Glad the house work is nearly there. You're certainly more handy than I am with DIY

  2. It's always stressful when there's working going on at home isn't it?! Hope you get everything finished soon.
    Your flowers are beautiful. Happy Mother's Day mate, I hope you've had the best day. xx

  3. This Prime drink craze is driving me crazy, glad my kids are all grown up now and I don't have to deal with these fads any more. Well done with the painting. I've heard lots of people having problems with gas meters but not being able to get anyone in to fix them

  4. Glad your living room is finished and hope you get the shower sorted out soon. What lovely Mother’s Day flowers. Good idea from the kids to get them early. The black pudding scotch eggs look yummy. Glad Becky managed to find Prime at a more reasonable price. I have to confess I don’t get the hype around it though! #project365

  5. How exciting decorating. I need to do the boys room, but they have so much furniture to move that I am dreading it. Hope you get your shower sorted

  6. I'd heard that Prime tastes awful! Hope the house gets sorted soon. I'd tell my kids to get things when they are on offer and not pay inflated prices! #project365