Tuesday 7 March 2023

What I ate on a random Friday.

I remember seeing YouTube videos years ago when people used film what they ate in a day. I always thought those type of videos were so interesting. I thought I would do the same but in a blog post. I took note of what I ate one random Friday at the end of January.

I was up early this particular Friday so after a cup of tea I decided that I would have to eat breakfast. I am not great at eating breakfast so it was just a glass of fruit smoothie and a grain bar.

Fruit smoothie and a breakfast bar

Friday's are always the best days for food in our house as it's usually when I get the food shopping delivered. It's doughnut day. hehehe I always buy us some doughnuts and they always taste the best on the day that they are bought. Mid morning I started to feel hungry so I got myself a snack, a doughnut of course along with a pint of orange squash. 

Orange squash and doughnuts

I am surprisingly good at drinking throughout the day and always have a glass of squash at hand, either orange or blackcurrant. Years ago I used to love sugary drinks and hated the taste of sugar free one's but now I prefer the sugar free one's and Vimto is my favourite squash. I always thought Vimto was just blackcurrant juice but writing this blog post made me realise that it has grapes and raspberries in too.

Lunch was a tuna mayo and sweetcorn sandwich, grapes and a couple of strawberries. That is pretty standard for my lunch although I usually have ham and tomato or ham and pickle in my sandwich. I found myself with the motivation to make something different and it was nice. I also had another glass of juice.

Lunch, a sandwich and fruit.

I had an afternoon of blogging, writing up blog posts for the next week and that is when I tend to snack. I am trying to be a bit more mindful about what I snack on and on this day I made the right choice and had a little orange and when I wanted more I sucked on a few mint humbugs. I am obsessed with mint humbugs and have been for a few months, they might be high in sugar but they have to be better for me than cake or chocolate. 
I had another glass of juice too.

For tea we had cod steaks in butter sauce with herby baby potatoes and sweetcorn. It was such a lazy tea, everything went into the microwave but it made a change from the battered fish and chips or pizza that we usually have on a Friday. We all ate at different times that Friday. I was hungry by about half five, Becky had hers at about 6pm, Ellie at half six and Stu at about 7pm.

Cod in butter sauce, herby potatoes and sweetcorn

With my tea I had a glass of Rhubarb and Ginger juice that I have recently discovered from Asda. It is so refreshing, I can see it being even more of a hit with me in the summer, I can just imagine drinking it on a hot day with loads of ice.

Later on in the evening I had a Reese's Nutrageous chocolate bar which are amazing. It's Reese's Peanut Butter topped with roasted peanuts and caramel covered in a chocolate flavored coating. I also had a packet of roast chicken crisps and a glass of Bailey's which I was still drinking from Christmas. hehehe

What do you usually eat in a day?


  1. I love seeing what people eat! The cod steaks in butter sauce looks delicious. I love lots of sauce with my meals. All your different flavoured juices sound so yum and refreshing. I still like all my juices and soft drinks with sugar and I can’t get used to the sugarless ones. Sam likes the sugarless ones but I can still taste a funny after taste and don’t enjoy them very much. I guess it’s just a matter of getting used to them. My boys are always at me to buy the drinks with no sugar and I’m the one who says no! LOL

  2. I really only drink water but every now and then I throw a few frozen strawberries or some lemon slices into flavor it a bit. I tend to eat a bowl of fresh fruit with granola for breakfast, leftovers or a salad for lunch, and then dinner tends to be some sort of meat/fish with salad and potatoes or riced cauliflower.

  3. I generally eat a breakfast bar for breakfast but I have to have it with a cup of tea. Tuna and sweetcorn sandwiches are my favourite! We always have doughnuts in our weekly shop too, they always disappear very quickly. x