Wednesday 15 March 2023

A unique gift with meaning from Treedom.

This week many of our minds are turning to our mother’s or special ladies in our life and how to show them we love them this Mother’s Day. I love the presents that my girls make or buy me but the one's that mean the most to me are one's that are a total surprise and last for years to come!

Treedom is the sustainable tree planting platform that allows you to give a unique gift with meaning this year.


Gifting a remote tree through Treedom, where you can follow the positive impact of the tree planting on the local community and track the growth of your tree is the perfect eco friendly personalised gift.

Since its foundation in 2010 in Florence more than 3.000.000 trees have been planted in Africa, South America and Italy. All trees are planted directly by local farmers and bring environmental, social and financial benefits to their communities.

Like a mother, the trees planted by Treedom are resilient and provide for and nurture their communities. Gifting with Treedom will help foster generations to come. They have grown over 3 million trees worldwide and are on a mission to plant 10 million trees in the next 3 years to help combat the climate crisis, biodiversity loss and empower local farming communities.

How it works:

trees from Treedom

Choose the tree you like the most:
With over 45 trees to choose from, you can personalise it to Mum’s favourite. Your tree will be photographed, geolocalized and will have an online page. You will be able to find out about the project to which it will give life, customize it with your message and if you want, gift it to someone special.

Follow it's project:
Your tree will grow in one of the nurseries of the projects we carry out in various countries around the world. When it is big enough, it will be handed over to a farmer to be planted and cared for, so that it can grow, absorb CO2 and bear fruit.

Improve the air you breathe:
As it grows, your tree will absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and will release oxygen, thus improving the quality of the air we all breath.

You can send the gift of a tree a few ways: 
By email: If you choose email delivery, you can opt to send the gift now or on a date of your choice. Treedom will take care of the rest!
By card: Once you’ve chosen the perfect card, you can personalise it with a dedication and the recipient’s name. You can download and print it (preferably on recycled paper!) at any time.
By link: Copy the link and send it to the person of your choice. You can send it via WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, SMS, etc.: click on the link to copy it, then paste it into your message. Please note: if you choose a social networking site, remember to send the link in a private message!

I think giving the gift of a tree is a fantastic idea. You can reach anyone, anytime, with a thought that goes straight to the heart and do a little good for the world too. 

Have you ever gifted a tree? Is it something you would do?


  1. This is a wonderfully unique gift and a great way to help the envionment a bit.

  2. I love this! I made a note for Christmas, because it is such a wonderful gift. Who would have imagined that I will start my shopping-list in March?! :)
    Love the review too. xx

  3. What a brilliant gift idea! I have never heard of this before but I will have to keep this in mind for Christmas.