Wednesday 22 March 2023

Gear up for an adventure with these handy gadgets!

It's officially Spring! Hooray! The weather should be improving soon, the clocks go back on Sunday which means lighter nights so there will be more chance to get outside. I thought I would share with you some fantastic gadgets specifically designed for outdoor use, perfect for when you want to explore the great outdoors.

Outdoor adventure

For all the adventurers out there, your outdoor escapades will now be more enjoyable and convenient with the RUGD Power Brick. An all in one Power Bank, Camping Light, and SOS light. This revolutionary device is here to make your outdoor trips hassle free as it packs in a lot of features that will allow you to be well prepared for any adventure. With its compact size, lightweight and powerful battery, it is the perfect companion for any intrepid explorer.

RUGD Power Brick

With the powerful 2 port fast charger you can charge up to 50% in just 30 minutes. Featuring 1 x USB-C 18W Input and Output port this fast charger is designed to make your life easier and more convenient. With its sleek design it's perfect for taking on the go with you wherever you go. Whether it's in your home or office, this fast charger will help keep your device running at optimal performance all day long. The RUGD Powerbrick is £41.99 from Rugdlife.

The Survival Kit from Kikkerland

Be prepared for any adventure! The Survival Kit from Kikkerland. It contains 10 items with 30 functions including: an emergency blanket, a wire hand saw, a 5 in 1 whistle, earplugs, a pencil, candle, flint & striker, a razor blade, a multi function knife, fish hook, line & bait. It costs £35 from Kikkerland. 

waterproof dry bag from Kikkerland

Keep your essentials dry with this waterproof bag from Kikkerland which is perfect for outdoor gear and tech. The Roll top closure provides reliable waterproof performance. Bring it along with you to the beach, picnic and all your outdoor adventures. It costs £10 from from Kikkerland.

White Marble Travel Cutlery & Straw Set

The White Marble Travel Cutlery & Straw Set which includes a fork, knife, spoon and collapsible straw comes in a stylish box, clipping all items in place, eliminating any rattles and keeping everything clean and hygienic, right in your bag. Designed to be stylish and playful while giving you the convenience of having cutlery and a straw wherever you go and stopping single use forever. The full Sized Travel Cutlery Set is £27 from Mnched

What gadgets would you recommend for outdoor adventures?


  1. So many great outdoor kits and gadgets! I'd be most likely to use the waterproof bags... we've debated about buying some for our kayaks.

  2. Thisiswhereitisat25 March 2023 at 17:45

    Ooo I like the charger so handy especially a fast charge X