Friday 31 March 2023

This week my Word of the Week is: Predicted! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


Ellie is coming to the end of her time at secondary school and I just can't seem to get my head around it. As it is now Ellie has about 20 something school days before her GCSE exams start, when you take out all of the weekends, school holidays and banks holidays. Eek! Ellie is taking everything in her stride, it's me doing all of the worrying.

On Wednesday evening we were at Ellie's last ever parents evening and I couldn't have predicted how well it would have went. Ellie hasn't always been the best student at school, there was a time years ago where she was bullied relentlessly that she started suffering with social anxiety. We moved house and she had a fresh start in a new school and we finally had a bit of hope for her.

I get texts and messages from the school all of the time praising Ellie and telling me about how she is doing but I only seem to get a full grasp of how well she is doing when we go to parents evening. She has had lots of predicted grades over the years but they have gone up and down and they were only predicted depending on how much work she put in.

We saw Ellie's science teacher first who said she is easily getting 4's which is a C in Biology and Physics so just needs to work on Chemistry so that doesn't bring the combined score down. Chemistry is Ellie's weakest subject when it comes to Science but she's working on it.

English was up next and Ellie's teacher and I got through the chat without crying, just!! When Ellie started with the most amazing English teacher she was struggling to get a 3 which is a D a couple of years ago but thanks to the teacher, a small class and Ellie really enjoying the lessons she is now doing practice papers and is easily getting a 6 which is a B! With the paper Ellie is taking it's unlikely that she will get an A but we will happily take the B. The 6 is predicted but even if she gets the 5 it is better than anyone ever imagined. Miss R has said she will be using Ellie as an example in years to come to show students how far a student can come when they put the work in.

Maths has always been a bit hit and miss. Ellie has been predicted a 4 (C) but she had never reached it in the mock exams or practice papers so we were not holding out much hope but it turns out on the last mock Ellie got the 4 and then has carried on getting 4's on the practice papers. The maths teacher said when he saw the 4 he went running down the corridor to the English teacher to show her and celebrate. The maths teacher has said if Ellie gets the 6 for English and 4 for maths they will dance on tables for her. hehehe 

For photography Ellie is set to get a 5 (B). Lots of the GCSE course has been coursework so that is easily predicted and for engineering she has already passed thanks to her coursework and the exam could easily boost it to a merit.

The subject we were least looking forward to hearing about was Geography. She didn't want to do geography when she picked her options and has had 3 different teachers in a year and a half so circumstances haven't been on her side but it turns out that her predicted grade and what she got in her mocks was a 4 which is a C! Ellie just needs to revise and learn about the case studies and it will be a certain 4. This time last year she was predicted to get a 2 so she has really improved. 

20 odd days left at school does not seem like long but there are extra revision classes during the Easter holidays and after school which Ellie will be taking advantage of. Yesterday Ellie's prom dress was delivered and I can't wait to share photos of her in it but that will be after she's left school, finished her exams and it's prom day. All of those things seemed such a long time away just a few months ago, now they are a matter of weeks away! Eek! 

How has your week been? I hope you've had a good one!

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  1. I'm really pleased for Ellie. Those are good grades considering that she has struggled in the past. She deserves the best. Looking forward to seeing the prom dress too. All the best for another lovely week next week.

  2. Congratulations to Ellie on some amazing results and for all her hard work. I love hearing how her teachers are so happy for her and celebrate her success. Sounds like she goes to a great school with teachers who really care. I know exactly what you mean about having to get used to the idea that Ellie is finishing school. It just happens so fast!

  3. That sounds like a wonderful parent's night! She has been working real hard and that hard work is paying off.

  4. Well done Ellie, she's come incredibly far. I remember how worried you were about her. I'm sure she's going to do just fine and it's great she had such a good final parents evening. It will fun seeing the teacher's dancing on the tables, lol xx

  5. Sounds like she's been working really hard, so hope the exams go as well as she's hoping. Exciting times ahead for the final run at the term

  6. It sounds like Ellie is doing really well! You must be such a proud Mum :o)


  7. 20 school days to the end of school for Ellie really doesn’t sound a lot! I’m so glad that Ellie is doing so well in school and that the move has been so good for her with school. Those predicted grades are great and she sounds like she is really coming on leaps and bounds with improving in her subjects, especially with English. Wishing her all the very best of luck for the GCSEs, I am sure she will do herself proud. #WotW

  8. What fantastic predictions. I'm sure Ellie has worked very hard for these results. I can't get my head around what the numbers mean. I'm sure I will understand when our time comes. Ethan won't sit exams so we have a while to go yet #WotW