Monday 27 March 2023

Our weekly meal plan! 27th March - 2nd April. #MealPlanningMonday

Our weekly meal plan

Last weeks meal plan went well. We ate everything that I had planned and on Saturday we even made home made pizza. We were out again for lunch on Sunday, it's so nice not not to cook or think about doing the washing up, yes we spend a bit more than I would if I bought everything but it's worth it.

I have finally got into a good routine of cooking for my family. When Becky started working night shifts I would cook an evening meal for her but after sleeping all day she wouldn't fancy eating it so now she treats evening time as her breakfast time and only eats with us when she's not working. So I cook her choice of meals when she's not working and Ellie's choice when she is at work. The girls are past the stage of wanting chips with everything so meal times are a little more interesting. When it comes to Stu one week when he finishes at 5pm I will cook for us to eat together but when he's working until 6pm like this week I will cook food that reheats well because Ellie and I struggle to wait until 8pm to eat with him.

On the menu this week we have:

Monday - Stu is cooking. Chicken and pasta of some sort.
TuesdayBolognese stuffed peppers with cheese. We haven't had these in ages and we do love them, they're so easy to make.
WednesdayChicken and sweetcorn pie. There will be leftovers that either I will have for lunch the next day or Stu will take it to work.
Thursday - Quiche and salad. According to the weather forecast it's going to be 16c. I am imagining it feeling like summer but the chances are by the time Thursday comes the forecast will have changes.
Friday - Pizza, out of the freezer this time.
Saturday - Fake KFC. Chicken bits, fries, onion rings, coleslaw, garlic bread and salad.
Sunday - A roast dinner of some sort.

What are you eating this week?


  1. We love making sourdough pan pizza, it makes a nice change. I've had to give up on an actual meal plan, but I write out a list of food at the beginning of the week and we choose what we want on each day...I pop the use by dates on if I have to so we don't let anything go to waste.

  2. I love the sound of the fake KFC. You can't get KFC here (well you can but only the burgers and wings, not the chicken pieces) so I should definitely make a fakeaway. Sounds like you've sorted your meals out nicely, working around the family. I'm still fighting with the kids over leftovers - if I make sure there's some in the fridge, they don't eat them but if they don't have them, they don't know what to cook. Aaagghhh ! lol

  3. Great meal plan and it even include fake KFC. I guess my son would love as well. Chicken and sweetcorn pie sounds delicious.