Friday 24 March 2023

This week my Word of the Week is: Booked! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


Following on from last weeks Word of the Week we had an appointment booked on Monday for an engineer to come and sort out our gas meter as it wasn't working, it wasn't switching on to show any numbers. The man came on Monday but he wasn't an engineer, he was just a guy reading meters! Grr! He said when someone says their meter isn't working they now send someone to check as a lot of people were saying the same thing to get out of paying their bills, especially during the lockdowns when no one could check. I understand why they have to check but our bill was paid and we were still in credit, why would I lie? The guy said to phone up to speak to someone and I tried. British Gas were only accepting calls from vulnerable people and emergencies on Monday so I had to get back onto the online chat. Grr! Anyway the battery has gone in the meter and needs replacing so we're booked in to get that done in the first week in April. 

Ellie was booked in for a check up at the dentist on Tuesday, she usually has her appointments on a Monday and Stu takes her because I don't get on with the people in our dentist surgery after the hoo ha we had this time last year with booking appointments and the girls having to share appointments even though Becky was paying for hers. The appointment went well, there was the usual reminder about brushing at the back and Ellie was given a prescription for some super strength toothpaste which I went and picked up on Wednesday. While I was at the pharmacy I got some of Ellie's hearing aid batteries too.

Next week is Ellie's last ever parents evening at school. Eek! I got us all booked in. The teachers we're seeing are in the perfect order, all the fun good one's at the end and Ellie's head of year is the last one so if we have any issues to talk thorough we can. Stu usually comes with Ellie and I but he can't get the time off work so Becky has decided to come along just for a nosy. She really wants to see Ellie's maths teacher who's only 2 years older than her and the English teacher who Ellie never stops talking about. I predict tears when we see Ellie's English teacher either from her, me or us both. She has done so much for Ellie, we couldn't have asked for a better teacher in the last couple of years of school.

We have a little holiday booked for later in the year and when I booked it I was stupidly looking at the school term dates and not the college term dates. We can amend the holiday dates until just before we go so we can always go a day earlier and just come back a day earlier so Ellie won't miss any college. I am hoping that we get some more info over the next couple of months about what days Ellie is in college, before I have to book the train tickets as they need to be booked 12 weeks in advance to get the best prices. Eek! I really don't fancy paying an extra £100 for an open return.

How has your week been? I hope you've had a good one.

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  1. The situation with sorting out the gas meter sounds frustrating. Hope it gets sorted out at the appointment in April. Last ever parents evening is quite a milestone. Hope all goes well with that. Lovely to have the holiday to look forward to and glad you can change the dates if needed. Hope you find out Ellie’s college days soon. #WotW

  2. Just checking in. Oh how time flies! Last Parents' evening sounds scary, lol. I remember my son's one and thought "I'm going to miss these". I usually liked going as he was such a good lad and did well in everything. Wishing your daughter all the best with this last year of secondary school. And hope the meter and train tickets get sorted soon too.

  3. I can feel your frustration with your gas meter situation. I hope you get it sorted soon. I never really thought about it but Boo just had her last parents evening. I didn't go because I was too tired and now I'm sad because even though I don't like the school it is the end of an era. saying that, it was supposed to be for 35 minutes and Graham was gone for 2 hours!! Good luck with the holiday booking, I can remember having to go by train and you really do need to get the tickets in advance. xx

  4. Aw, that last parent's night sounds like it is going to be so bittersweet! What a perfect line up though. I hope the meter gets straightened out soon and that everything works out with your family vacation.

  5. What a nightmare, honestly why is sorting things out got so hard since the pandemic! I really hope your gas is sorted out by now! Last parents evening, I hope it went well. I can't believe she is leaving school this year. I can't wait until we don't have to stick to school holidays. I bet my little lady wont want to go away with us by then though #WotW