Friday 10 March 2023

This week my Word of the Week is: Weather! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


I don't have much to write about this week as it doesn't seem like I have done much apart from paperwork and life admin which was pretty boring. It's all done now, one of the worst things about being an adult is the admin which comes with it. So because I don't have much to talk about we'll talk about the weather.

We have spent most of the week looking out of the window keeping an eye on the weather. When people started to get snow on Tuesday we had glorious, sunshiny weather. It was that nice that I had all of the windows open and the back door too. As well that I got three loads of washing dried out on the line which is practically unheard of at this time of year, I even emptied the washing basket. In hindsight instead of doing jobs around the house on Tuesday I should have got on with clearing the garden of weeds and rubbish because from then on it's been a lot colder and wetter.

Where's the snow that we were promised? It snowed on Wednesday night, settled on top of the cars in the street and that was it. By Thursday morning it had all gone and yesterday it was more sleet than snow coming down. Becky was on a night shift and said it was really snowing during the night and she thought it was going to lay. I am just hoping that if we do get proper snow it doesn't effect the buses. Stu works in Hull and if the buses get stopped he wouldn't be able to get to work or even worse, home from work. Also if the buses stopped Becky could be the only one at work on her shift as the other people come in by bus. lol

With the weather being so bad my dad gave Ellie and me a lift to the college for her interview and it went so well. She found out a lot more about the course she will be doing and they officially offered her a place on the electrical engineering course depending on her GCSE's marks of course. Even if she doesn't get the grades that she needs there are options, she will get them though! 

Today we have the builders coming to finish of the wall in the living room and we're finally getting a shower put in! Hooray! It's one of the mixer one's which run from the pipes under the bath, not an electric one so it should be a straightforward job. I am hoping that they just get on with the work without leaving the front door open like last time. I can't be doing with the house being cold.

I've had to edit this post to add we have snow!! We got a text just after 8am to say the school is closed and now I'm worried. Becky said it's only been snowing a couple of hours and it's still coming down heavy. I hope Stu doesn't get stuck at work. I will be keeping an eye on the buses!

I hope you have all had a good week!

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  1. We've been watching the weather too, this week. I think you got your priorities right, by doing the washing and getting it out on the line, before the weather changed. The garden will wait. Ellie must be pleased that her interview went well and hearing about the course. Fingers crossed for her grades. I'm sure she'll do well. Fingers crossed too that the buses are not held up for Stu and Becky's co-workers.

  2. Oh no! I hope no one gets stuck at work because of all that snow. What great news on Ellie and the college!

  3. I hope Stu makes it home without getting stuck. Sam was two hours late for his shift today because of the trains. I don't know what's been going on with the trains lately but last Wednesday was bad too. All the trains in the city came to a complete stop for about three hours during peak hour because of a digital meltdown. Anyway, Sam's boss said that he could work an extra hour today and tomorrow to make up for it. Congratulations to Ellie for getting a place at college!

  4. So glad that Ellie's interview went well, I hope no-one got stuck in the snow. We had a couple of days of being 'snowed in' but it's mostly gone now. xx

  5. We had your snow in Staffordshire! All of it during rush hour on Thursday morning causing complete chaos! Glad Ellie's interview was so positive. Karen - Early Rising Mum

  6. I love that you managed to get some washing on the line on Tuesday when there was snow in other parts of the country. Hope that the buses were okay after you did get snow. We only had a bit on Wednesday morning and I was glad we made the most of it as it was gone by lunchtime. Well done to Ellie on being offered a place on the course she wants at college. Hope that all went well with getting the wall finished off and the shower put in. #WotW

  7. We had all sorts of weather last week. Four seasons in one day but now snow stayed for us. The kids were upset that they didn't get a snow day. I hope you were all OK in the snow and no one got stuck #WotW