Friday 17 March 2023

This week my Word of the Week is: Bills! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


We have had a couple of the big bills this week and they actually weren't that bad. With all the talk on the news of all the bills going up I was slightly worried but it turns out I needn't have been and I am so grateful.

First came the council tax on Monday. I have been waiting for it as I am planning to do the same as I did last year, pay the first month now and the 2nd payment in April when the first one is due so we'll always be a month ahead. I just need the council to update their website with the new bills added. It turns out we're only paying an extra £3 a month for the next year, I expected it to be at least 10 or 15 pounds more.

Then on Tuesday our energy bill came through. Finally, I have been waiting a month for it as I was sure it was due in February. It wasn't as high as I expected, in fact it was only £40 more than this time last year which was a surprise with all the talk of bills going up and us using the oil heater. I guess all the nagging about turning things off has done a little good. I did notice they had estimated my gas part of the bill which seemed odd as that has always been accurate.

Just before the first lockdown, 3 years ago our Smart Meter stopped working. They obviously couldn't do anything and for a long while we were paying estimated bills for the electric because the website and the people on the phone could see we had a smart meter so the computers wouldn't accept us reading the meter ourselves. They changed something last year and I could do meter readings so we got accurate bills. The gas meter was still sending readings so thankfully that was always accurate. When everything started opening back up I rang them and they said they know there's a problem with the smart meter and will get back to us, I've rang every 6 months since and they said they will get back to us.

Anyway, back to the estimated gas bill. I went to check the gas meter and it wouldn't come on. I usually press the "A" button and numbers come up, there was nothing. Eek! I looked online and the last reading was took in December. I just assumed it was the energy company not taking the readings, they have been very sporadic when they take the readings in the past. I had a quick look on Google and it turns out gas meters run on batteries not mains power, you learn something new every day so I am assuming the battery has ran out as it only lasts about 10/15 years. I got onto the online chat with my energy company and they cancelled the bill until the issue is resolved and an engineer is coming out on Monday.

On Wednesday morning I woke up to a new bill being issued and still no confirmation of the engineer coming. The new bill was the same as the old one but I went back on the online chat to see what was going on and just for a bit of reassurance. Apparently the bill shouldn't have been cancelled because it is accurate, well it isn't as it's estimated but I am letting them get on with it. Apparently that bill stands and that is all we will be charged which is fine with me as it is a lot less than I expected.

Oh and according to the person on the online chat we're still not getting our old smart meter replaced. lol I will ask the engineer about getting a new one when he arrives on Monday. The energy companies make such a big deal about everyone having a smart meter and when we are begging for one they won't give us one. Madness!

How has your week been? I hope you've had a good one!

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  1. What a load of faff about your smart meter. You must have one of the old ones, ours is a small box plugged in our kitchen, it is connected to our outside meters and takes readings for us, it's worked ok so far. I'm glad your bills were not as shocking as you expected. Mine just seem to be going up and up despite us trying our best to cut back. xx

  2. At least the bills weren't as bas as you thought! Our energy bill went up by SEVERAL hundred dollars in the past two months so our energy prices are going sky high here. We're quite anxious to get those solar panels back up and in working order since that should help cut our bill by quite a bit.

  3. Ugh bills! They always seem to come at once. What a big mix up with your meters I hope that they replace your old smart meter soon.

  4. Always good when the big bills aren’t quite as bad as you thought they might be. Sounds like some frustrating conversations with the gas company about the smart meter. Hope that gets sorted out for you soon. #WotW

  5. What a nightmare. My mum won't have a smart meter they are always calling her about it. I hope you got it sorted out in the end. I was dreading our council tax bill as we are now in a higher band and different area. Thankfully it wasn't as bad as I was expecting #WotW