Saturday 21 October 2023

A photo every day for a year! 14th - 20th October - Week 42 of #Project365

I am quite sick of this week. I was feeling under the weather with a cold for most of it which really wiped me out and then Stu found a wasps nest, at least that explained where the wasps in the bathroom were coming from. The wasps have cleared off, I am feeling much better now and I am ready to enjoy the weekend and Ellie being on half term. We have nothing at all planned but I am sure we will find something to do.

Now for a photo every day!

Sunset and a butterfly
A note from my fella and wasp spray
Gas meter and coaster

287/365 - 14th October
A pretty sunset. I mentioned in my Sunday Photo that we had so far not had the heating on, that didn't last long. We put it on for the first time on Sunday.

288/365 - 15th October
While making our way to our favourite cafe for Sunday lunch this butterfly flew most of the way with us and it posed for a picture.

289/365 - 16th October
Lemsip has been my friend this past week. I really do hate the taste of it but it does help with a cold. Today was the day Stu found a wasps nest on the kitchen roof. My dad came and put some stuff on to destroy the nest.

290/365 - 17th October
I got up to a note left by Stu saying there were 4 wasps on the bathroom floor. When I got up a couple of hours later there was more and more appeared throughout the day. They were coming through the ceiling into the bathroom cupboard and dropping down onto the floor. Ugh. We guessed they were just trying to escape the nest.

291/365 - 18th October
By Wednesday I was walking into the bathroom with wasp spray. There wasn't any more than the previous days but they seemed more vicious. I lost it and ended up on the phone crying saying it needed to be sorted and it was. More powder was put down, stuff was sprayed and more holes were filled in. We've had no more since.

292/365 - 19th October
This was one of the only photos I took on Thursday. I was taking a reading of the gas meter and couldn't see it so thought taking a photo would help. It did eventually when I got it to focus. lol

293/365 - 20th October
A Nightmare Before Christmas coaster. I got it from Asda, it was only a few pounds.

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  1. Asda looks like it's got some quite good Christmas stuff in that I've seen on people's blogs. I need a visit obviously. Shudder to all the wasps. Glad they seem to have gone now. Hopefully they won't be able to come back next year. We've got wasps nests down the yard by the sileage. The OH got stung near his eye, and it swelled right up for days. He always reacts badly to bites, but I think he should have gone to the doctor to get an epipen or equivalent as it'll only get worse each time.

  2. I hope all the wasps have gone now, not nice. Try the Beechams Honey and Lemon rather than lemsip and I always add half a tea spoon of sugar, hope you're better soon.

  3. Glad to hear that the wasps have finally moved out and glad to hear you are feeling better. That sunset looks beautiful

  4. Oh dear, so sorry to hear you were feeling poorly. Did you risk a covid test?! We had a lot of bees recently but couldn't figure out where from (luckily the relentless rain has scared them off!) #project365

  5. I’m glad you’re feeling better and that the wasps have now cleared off. That sunset is so pretty. Love the photo of the butterfly. Lemsip is good stuff – I don’t like the taste either although I think the blackcurrant is marginally better than the lemon ones. #project365