Thursday 5 October 2023

Little things that I do to treat myself.

Sometimes I feel like I need a treat. It might be because I have done something that took a lot of work, I have done something brave like making a phone call (I hate speaking on the phone) or because I am feeling a little blue. Whatever it is I have little ways to treat myself.


These are some of my favourite ways to treat myself.

Get a meal deal.
I love treating myself to a sandwich, snack and drink with the grocery shop or from our local Tesco or Co-Op. I am obsessed with the chicken satay snacks with sweet chilli sauce from The Co-Op even though I am not usually a fan of anything spicy.

Once in a while I feel myself getting worn out and like I need a good sleep so sometimes I will just stay in bed and sleep. It is so much easier to do it now that Ellie has finished school and leaves for college early. When she leaves I can go back to bed for a couple more hours sleep.

Get a coffee!
We don't have a Costa or Starbucks in a walking distance but one of our local corner shops does have a coffee machine and it feels like a treat to get one. The walk out does me good and the coffee is like a reward! It's a lot cheaper than a coffee shop too. 

Watch something that I love on TV!
I have got into a routine that I either won't put the TV on or watch rubbish TV shows until all of my jobs are done and then I when I have done everything that I need to do I will put something on that I really want to watch.

Fresh Flowers!

Fresh flowers

I will buy myself fresh flowers. My family hate them but I think it is so nice to have fresh flowers around the house.

I will ring my dad's partner.
We can easily speak on the phone for a good few hours even though we see each other all of the time and message on social media. We always have a giggle and a good gossip. With the phone contracts we have we get 59 minutes and 59 seconds free and then we get charged. We will hang up and then ring back when our time is up!

During the colder months when I am home alone I will get all my jobs done and then sit down with my laptop and fill my hot water bottle and put a blanket over me. It may seem like a stupid treat as we all need heat but I don't see the point of getting warm and cosy until my jobs are done.

I will have a nice breakfast or lunch.
When I am home alone I will make something that I wouldn't normally make my family. Banana pancakes, fried bread covered in ketchup, banana sandwiches, Pot Noodles, baked beans on toast or jam sandwiches.

Pajama day! 
If I could wear pj's all day every day I would but that isn't acceptable in the real world so when it looks like it's going to rain all day I sometimes get up and change into clean pj's. Pajamas are so much more comfier than normal clothes.

Soak in bath!
A quick bath is normal but a long soak with bubble bath and a bath bomb is a real treat especially if there is no one else in the house.

What do you do to treat yourself?


  1. I love all these little treats, C and I treat ourselves to a bubble tea most weeks now. Plus plann future

  2. Oh I do miss a good soak in the bath. I think watching television is a treat. My Tv is often taken over by the kids (even the adult ones) for computer games. I don't usually mind I get my own time to watch tele. xx

  3. These are all great ideas for treating yourself! Going back to bed would be a luxury!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  4. Thisiswhereitisat8 October 2023 at 11:58

    All lovely treats to indulge in X

  5. I will paint my nails, buy myself some junk food (usually candy!) at the store, or buy myself fresh flowers too.

  6. It’s nice to treat yourself. I am trying to make more time for myself too where I can.
    I love a nice bubble bath whilst watching my iPad. I like gaming as well, either on my switch or the PS5. And snuggling up with a good book! Xx

  7. Last comment was me hehe! I don’t know why it came through as anonymous. Xx

  8. I love this list! You have given me some great ideas. One of my biggest treats is a Big Mac, fries and a strawberry milkshake from McDonalds! I also love to watch a favourite TV show after I have done all my chores.Chocolate with nuts or any Cadbury chocolate is also a big treat!