Tuesday 26 September 2023

Our visit to Amble, Northumberland.

Amble is our happy place. I've mentioned it so much here on my blog over the years but not so much since we moved to North Lincolnshire. We were long overdue a visit!

Amble Lighthouse

We were invited to a family wedding and the reception was in Amble so it was obvious that we were going to stay there. We were so excited. We had planned to arrive on the Friday and come home on the Monday but it didn't work out like that. Planning the holiday was so stressful. We did arrive on the Friday but had to leave on the Sunday as Ellie had her first day at college.

Puffin statues

We arrived at Amble at about 4pm after visiting my friend in Ashington where we used to live. She kindly drove us to Amble and we got into the cottage that we had rented for the weekend. We had a quick look around, we didn't bother to unpack and headed out. We had places to be and chips to buy. hehehe

Our first stop was the cemetery where Stu's parents and uncle are buried. It sounds strange but it was nice to visit their graves. We hadn't been in over 4 years so it was nice to see their graves are still looked after which means people still care.

Fishing boats

I'd like to say nothing much has changed about Amble since we were last there but it's all aimed more at tourists. We noticed most of the houses and cottages now have key lock box things near the front doors so they must be rented out and a lot of the shops are now cafes. It's good for the little town money wise but I wouldn't say so for those who live there all year round. We can't complain, we were tourists.

We then headed into town to go to the chip shop! The Harbour Fish Bar in Amble is our favourite place to eat. It's probably in our top 5 of all time places to eat. lol They are the only place that I know that make and sell BeaniesA beanie is baked beans wrapped up inside sausage meat and then battered and deep fried, they are amazing!!

Beanie and chips with scraps

After eating we went for a walk around the harbour. It is such a peaceful place apart from the kids screaming and it wasn't even other people's kids it was my two. lol They were so excited to be there. Considering the weather forecast wasn't that good it was actually quite warm. Over the years we have been to Amble on some cold days so that Friday felt practically tropical.

Amble Harbour
Amble Sea

I think out of all of the times that we have visited Amble this was the first time that the tide was in. The girls were gutted as they wanted to look in the rock pools but that would have to wait until the next day.

We had a lovely evening in the cottage and a little lie in and then the girls and Stu went to explore the rock pools. I really couldn't be bothered. After the past few days I just wanted to sit and stay in my pj's. They had a great time and so did I.

When it came to midday I rang them and told them to get back to the cottage, we were getting a taxi at half past one and they all needed to go in the shower and get ready. lol Half an hour later I rang again, they were on their way. Eesh! I am amazed that they all managed to get ready in less than an hour but they did. 

Dressed for a wedding

We had a lovely time at the wedding. It was so nice to catch up with Stu's family. I couldn't believe how much all the kids had grown up and everyone couldn't believe how much my two had grown up. lol

On Sunday it was time to head home, I wished we could have stayed for longer, especially since we started with a heatwave on the day we left. I would have liked to spend some time by the sea when it was sunny! 


  1. It's clear that Amble holds a special place in your heart. Your enthusiasm for The Harbour Fish Bar and its unique Beanie dish is infectious!

  2. Family time is precious. Especially when the children have grown and lives of their own. The best holiday/birthday gifts now days is when I can spend time with my family in one place, me, my husband, children, grand kids and my parents. Those are the best. I am so happy you had this special weekend even though a day short.
    Take care and best wishes!

  3. That looks like such a cute seaside town. I had never heard of a beanie before!

  4. Amble sounds like a lovely place! I do love the sound of a beanie, yum! You all look great in your outfits for the wedding. Your family did well getting dressed so fast!