Saturday 23 September 2023

A photo every day for a year! 16th - 22nd September. Week 38 of #Project365

Happy first day of Autumn. It has felt very autumnal over this past week, the temperatures have dropped and I have noticed how early it's getting dark. I have had a pretty quiet week with not much going on. It was one of those where I just plodded on with life quite happily. I had a sort out in the garden as it had taken such a battering with all the wind and rain that we have had, my little greenhouse is stored away in the shed until next year. I think the most exciting part of my week was going out for coffee with a friend which ended up turning into a couple of drinks in the pub, it felt very naughty. lol We had a good gossip and set the world to rights.

I did miss a photo this week, on Sunday. It was one of those times where I was just enjoying the day and not thinking about photos.

Now for a photo every day!

Cola chicken recipe and air freshner
Me and a bath bomb
Sunset and flowers

259/365 - 16th September
I was doing my meal planning and took a photo of a recipe to remind me that I was making it and to get the chicken out of the freezer.

260/365 - 17th September
I didn't take a photo on Sunday. We went out for lunch and then went to see my dad. I had plenty of things that I could have taken photos of but just forgot.

261/365 - 18th September
The new air freshener for the bathroom. Warm Apple Pie. If autumn had a smell this would be it.

262/365 - 19th September
Just me. Considering it was so grey and gloomy out it was quite warm, even with the rain. I was glad that I didn't wear my big coat.

263/365 - 20th September
I did a little shop from Lush and ordered some bath bombs from their Halloween range. They're all so cute.

264/365 - 21st September
I don't know why I always seem so shocked that at this time of year when it starts getting darker earlier and earlier. It won't be long until Stu won't be seeing much daylight. Going to work in the dark, spending the day in an office then coming home in the dark.

265/365 - 22nd September
I bought some flowers just to brighten the house up. These were 2 small bunches.

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  1. That's a good lot of flowers. I'm finding I'm freezing in the house, but outside then melt if I'm walking around doing things. Definitely still light coat and no added cardi for shopping etc.

  2. The flowers are gorgeous. I love buying flowers to brighten up the home too. The Lush bath bomb is so cute. Also, I love your hair colour, it's stunning.

  3. I remember seeing a cola chicken recipe in the Challenge Anneka cookbook in the 90s but never tried it, wonder if I can do a vegan version now? Socks and dressing gown every day now and the night comes so early! #project365

  4. The shorter days are pretty depressing! Love the flowers and that halloween bath bomb looks so cute!

  5. I'm looking forward to winter and have a pile of indoor projects lined up, I don't like autumn as much though as it can be warm and cold within an hour and I get irritated finding the right clothes to wear. I must get to lush soo, I love their bath bombs

  6. Warm Apple Pie I bet that smells divine! I need to get an air freshener I will look out for it. What a fab bath bomb! What pretty flowers, I could do with some to brighten up my house. With winter drawing in its nice to make home as welcoming as possible.

  7. I like the sound of Coca-Cola chicken - might have to try making that. Love the bath bomb and those flowers are so pretty. I'm the same with the mornings getting darker. It always seems to come on so quickly. #project365