Saturday 30 September 2023

A photo every day for a year! 23rd - 29th September - Week 39 of #Project365

Hello there and happy Saturday. I have had a good week. I've started on the Christmas present buying and got quite a few bits from town on Thursday. Ellie is so easy to buy for now that she's all about clothes and make up. I got quite a few sets of pj's, I love that they have their fleecy one's back in, but no Harry Potter one's yet. Hmmf. I got a Nightmare Before Christmas hoodie that Ellie has been really wanting and a dress that she's had her eye on which might actually get used in the run up to Christmas if we plan any evenings out.

We went to my dad's yesterday like we do most weeks. Last week we didn't go to his and it didn't feel like a Friday, it really knocked us off track. He was having a lazy day, he's knees were sore but doesn't do bad for a 75 year old, the days of being a jockey in his younger years are catching up with him.

Now for a photo every day!

Washing on line and cake
Sex Education Tv Show
Christmas gifts and my eldest

266/365 - 23rd September
I've started making TikToks and not just watching other peoples. They're all daft one's using filters or playing silly games with no dancing from me at all. lol It's strange having a social media account that is in no way linked to blogging. Ellie thinks it's ridiculous that I am making TikToks but it's only because I won't let her have a public account. hehehe 

267/365 - 24th September
Howay the lads! Aren't Newcastle United having a great week. I thought they would beat Sheffield United on Sunday but 8-0 with all the goals from different players is pretty impressive and then they went on to knock Man City out of a cup on Wednesday. Wow! 

268/365 - 25th September
We had a bit of a mishap with the washing over the weekend. Stu washed a red cushion with normal clothes and the colour ran. Thankfully it was just pj's which now have a tinge of pink to them but with them being on the line they have whitened more.

269/365 - 26th September
Tuesday's now means we have to have cake with The Great British Bake off being back on tv! I do love that show!

270/365 - 27th September
Becky has been watching the new series of Sex Education off Netflix and I have heard so much about it over the last few years so decided to give it a watch. I am enjoying it.

271/365 - 28th September
I started the Christmas shopping and of course had to have a look in B&M. I do love their Christmas gifts and picked up quite a few. I love the J2O lip gloss sets.

272/365 - 29th September
Becky was talking to her friend on messenger and I said why don't you just go and meet up with him instead of annoying me by telling me everything that you're discussing and while you're out you can call in the Romanian supermarket and get me some Tomato Ketchup flavoured crisps. hehehe 

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  1. I don't use tiktok at all. Well I have an account from back in lockdown, and posted a few videos but I'm just not a big video watcher, and definitely can't be bothered to make them. Good going on the Christmas shopping. I've got no idea what I'll be getting people, plus I've got a few birthdays before then (I was rubbish and didn't get my best friend anything as I just couldn't think, so I'm going to get a nice jug or mug from the post office shop as they're always nice. Then I can keep it til I see her!)

  2. My TikTok account has morphed into a garden one... but with autumn here and winter approaching it'll probably just go quiet or back to cat videos! :D

  3. Oh you are organised with the Christmas shopping! I pop onto Tiktok now and then to watch stuff but isn't really my thing. We love bake off! Glad its back!

  4. I've just started binging Sex Education too. It's completely different to what I expected- it's better I mean. I love it. x

  5. That's fantastic that you've made a start on your Christmas shopping. I haven't thought about buying anything yet but I should! Good on you for making TikToks, I don't have an account but sometimes videos come up on my FB feed and boy are some of them hilarious!! I was watching them the other day and I was laughing so hard that I was crying!

  6. My Christmas shopping is complete for our son and his family in Northern Ireland, all packed and waiting to be delivered when we visit in October half term. Whoops at the washing, I did similar but a red pillow case in white sheets, now pale pink and patchy

  7. Well done for starting shopping for Christmas. It's never too early, if you already know what you want to get.

  8. I was about to complain at you for starting Christmas shopping already but then remembered I'd just ordered something for my daughter so have no right to moan! ooh haven't had ketchup crisps for ages. #project365

  9. Well done you making a start on the Christmas shopping, I have some ideas in my head but not bought anything of significance as of yet. I haven't started on TikTok yet, I suppose I should eventually, but already struggle to keep up with the other social media platforms. I keep thinking that one is for the cool kids! So your one of the cool kids now! x