Friday 22 September 2023

This week my Word of the Week is: Autumnal! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


I know it's not Autumn just yet, the first day of autumn is actually tomorrow but it has felt very Autumnal this week. It would be nice for Mother Nature to ease us into the colder weather but it always seems to come as a bit of a shock. Roasting hot outside one day and then cold the next and then a warm day like yesterday thrown in just to confuse us a little bit.

Not only has it been chillier it has been wet too. Ugh. I can put up with the cold as long as it's not chucking down every day. I've had to get the clothes airer's out and face up to the fact that I won't be getting much dried on the washing line from now on. On Monday after Ellie had gone to college I went back to bed as I had been awake from about 3am until almost 6am because of the thunder and lightening. It was so loud and bright, even Stu was woken up and he wears ear-plugs and an eye mask to sleep. My poor garden took a battering, my little greenhouse was blown over and plants and flowers were flattened with the rain.

Earlier on in the year we had some work done in the living room to make it warmer. Insulated plasterboard was put up and we have had to wait until now to see if it had actually worked. During the warmer months we have noticed it had been cooler in here, I guess the wall worked both ways, keeping the heat out but even when it was quite chilly out it was comfortable in here. I am sure in previous years living here we would have thought about putting the heating on. I got myself a blanket and then ended up being too hot. lol I think it is going to make a big difference when it gets really cold.

It's not all bad though, the autumnal weather means getting cosy under blankets, drinking more tea and hot chocolates, fluffy socks, fleecy pj's and comfort food. It also means the return of good TV. Strictly on a Saturday night and The Great British Bake Off starts on Tuesday. I must remember to buy cake for when we watch. hehehe

Now that the summer seems to be over thoughts have turned to Halloween and Christmas. Ellie is making plans with her friends from college for Halloween and I treated myself to some of the Halloween bath bombs from Lush. I've started asking the girls what they want for Christmas and so far they're getting boxes of "I don't know" and packages of "I'm not sure". lol I can't say much though, Stu asked me what I wanted for my birthday in November and I said I didn't know. I will have to get my thinking cap on.

Stu has been working hard, he works for a phone company and it was chaos on Friday when the new iPhone went on pre-sale. Of course the computer systems went down but he has been earning plenty of bonuses. The way his work does the bonuses is Stu gets points and then he can convert them to vouchers. He checked his balance and said he had £54 saved, I went on to have a look and it turns out he actually has £540. He doesn't usually check they point/voucher thing and didn't actually read how many points equal a pound. So now that will pay for most of what we want to buy over Christmas. It is one less thing to worry about.

I hope you have all had a good week?

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  1. I am so ready for the autumnal days and cooler weather (even with some rain), we had to put our air-con on this morning so we haven't yet made the seasonal switch where I live. I can't wait to be able to have a hot chocolate or cup of tea as I relax under a blanket!

  2. I've given in and turned the heating on for a hour this evening. Definitely autumnal

  3. We have decorated for Autumn although still hoping that Summer will last a little longer. I like that we will have some warm days this coming week. Well done to Stu for 'saving' Christmas so early! Have a good week ahead.

  4. We got caught in the storm at Legoland on Sunday which cut our visit short. We knew it was coming it were prepared. I have the same answers from my Little Lady about Christmas. Ethan will normally make a statement of one thing. That's great news about the savings you have for Christmas. I'm sure it all helps #WotW

  5. yes, none of mine have any idea about Christmas yet either. Great to hear about Stu's bonus though. x

  6. It's good that you checked Stu's bonus, an extra zero makes a big difference! I haven't started thinking about Christmas yet. I'm just savouring autumn. It's my favourite part of the year (apart from the days getting shorter and darker :o( )


  7. I can hardly believe that we are heading into the festive season. It feels like the year just flew by so fast! Haha, I laughed at the boxes of I don't know and packages of I'm not sure 😂. It's fantastic that Stu has so many points for Christmas, that's a huge difference from £54 to £540!!

  8. It certainly has turned autumnal now. Sounds like the new insulation has been working well in the living room. The comment about your kids getting boxes of "I don't know" and packages of "I'm not sure” made me chuckle. That’s great that Stuart has got so much on points/vouchers – sounds like that will be really helpful for Christmas. #WotW