Friday 15 September 2023

This week my Word of the Week is: New Normal! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

new normal

I love how September feels like a new start. It took us a couple of weeks to get there but I think we have found our new normal. We are back into the swing or normal life after having a couple of breaks away and all the birthdays. As much as it has been nice having a bit of excitement in our lives I like the normal, more mundane days.

I actually think I might be turning into a morning person. lol I thought it was just the stress of planning a holiday, worry about Ellie starting college and then organising Becky's birthday which was making me wake early but all the stress has gone now and my body seems to think 9am is a long lie in. I tried yesterday to have a lie in until about 10am but it wasn't happening, I was awake by half past eight and by almost 9am I had to get up for a wee. My bladder isn't what it used to be. lol I have been in bed early most nights and asleep just after 11pm which is early for me. It's only taken 40 odd years but I am enjoying getting up earlier. I can get all my jobs done on the morning and then spend the afternoon doing what I want to do.

Ellie is still loving college and is also up bright and early each morning to get ready, put her make up on and eat breakfast which is a new thing! For years she has never eaten breakfast without an argument now it's part of her routine which is fantastic! We got a phone call last Friday saying Ellie's Maths GCSE has been re-marked as she was only 3 points off a pass and due to someone else marking it she got the pass which means she doesn't have to resit it in college. It also meant she could go onto the higher level electrical engineering course but she is staying where she is. She has made friends in that class, she loves the teacher and wants to learn all the basics before going onto the higher course. She'll have to do the 3 years at college instead of 2 but she had planned for that so it's fine. There has been some issues about the buses, there's 3 she can catch but one seems to be stopping in town instead of going on to the college. She was fuming about it on Tuesday after getting soaked so she took it upon herself to complain to the bus company, I couldn't be prouder of her! 

Stu went back to work and has almost had his first full week in what seems like ages. He is working overtime tonight and tomorrow as there's a new iPhone being launched and it's something about pre-orders. Ugh! I swear it doesn't seem that long since the last iPhone came out. lol

Becky is the only one still living the life of Riley. She's only worked about three days in the last three weeks due to taking holidays. She took Monday and Tuesday off work this week which means she isn't back in work until tomorrow night. She is going to find it strange working a weekend since she's had the last 3 off. lol Sunday was her birthday and she had a great time. We surprised her with a night away and a visit to the all you can eat place in Hull. It is so good on an evening with more on offer than when we usually go on a lunchtime.

It's crazy to think that over the weekend we had a mini-heatwave. This week has been mostly wet and grey here. I am starting to feel those Autumn vibes. It's getting darker earlier and earlier each evening and I am enjoying shutting the curtains, it won't be long until the blankets come out and we're drinking hot chocolate on an evening. I can't wait! I like summer but I do love those cosy evenings! Strictly starts tomorrow and the Great British Bake off in a couple of weeks. I do love this time of year!

How has your week been? I hope you have had a good one?

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  1. It's great to hear that Ellie is enjoying college and that's great news about her marks getting bumped up to a pass. Good on her for complaining to the bus company, that's ridiculous that the bus won't take them all the way to college! It's funny how it feels like a fresh start for you guys over there with college and schools starting the new year. For us, it feels like we are racing to the finish line because our school year ends in December. Have a lovely weekend Kim xx

  2. We went from really sunny and hot last week to much cooler and fall-like now. We're noticing the darker evenings and the trees already shedding some leaves. I'm starting to look forward to fall and cooler nights too. I tend to sleep better when it's cool at night.

  3. OK so what is this 9am wake up to you speak of? lol. If I'm lucky I might get to sleep until 7.30 on a weekend. But I have never slept in. Even in my clubbing days the latest I might has slept to is 10.30am. My brother on the other had stayed in bed for ages! Its great that Ellie is loving college. Fantastic news on her maths. Did they just remark it themselves or did you have to make that request? I'm aware of the new iphones just because both of ours are on their last legs. The price didn't feel that dad this time but that might be because everything is so expensive now #WotW

  4. Sounds like you’re all settling well into the new normal. I rarely have the opportunity to sleep in but I find I wake up early even when I do have the chance to sleep later. It is nice getting things done in the morning though and feeling like you still have most of the day ahead of you. Glad Ellie is enjoying college. Good for her complaining to the bus company about the bus not stopping at the college. Glad Becky had a good birthday. It definitely feels like Autumn has arrived now. I quite liked having summer linger for a bit but I've resigned myself to autumnal weather now! #project365