Thursday 21 September 2023

My girls 16th and 21st Birthdays.

 It seems ages ago since my girls birthdays and I haven't had chance to write about them until now with blogging all about our little break away which turned into more blog posts than I had planned. I still wanted to write about their days, like I do every year.

Birthday Candles

This year was a big year for birthdays for my girls with it being Ellie's 16th and Becky's 21st.

Ellie turned 16 in the middle of August and picked what she wanted to do with her day ages before. Presents, go to the Arcade Warehouse and then a meal out to Wetherspoons. Perfect! Ellie mostly got clothes for her birthday this year, she picked everything herself so there weren't many surprises. She also got make up, money, Japanese candy and things for her computer. She was very happy and since she has got her new clothes every day has been like a fashion show, picking the perfect outfit! 

My youngest girls birthday presents

We had a fab time playing on all of the arcade games at the Arcade warehouse. I do like that you only pay £9 per person for 2 hours unlimited play on anything in there and since we were last there they have expanded so there's even more to do. There is everything from classic arcade games, air hockey, pool tables, VR games and everything inbetween.

Arcade Games

We had a lovely meal at Wetherspoons. As much as people slate it the food is always good and it's always mostly clean and pretty quiet, well as long as you stay away from the bar area. We have got the hang of using the app to order our food and drinks now so we don't even order at the bar which takes the stress out of a visit.

After that we went and did a last bit of holiday shopping as we were leaving the next morning. Eek! Ellie had to finish off her packing and pick her outfits because of course she wanted to take most of what she got for her birthday away with her. I did feel a bit sad that the day wasn't all about her as some of it was taken over with the holiday preparation but she had the best time. She's became quite the little diva lately being obsessed with clothes and make up so she loved packing her suitcase.

Eldest birthday meal

Becky's birthday was always going to be a bigger deal this year with it being her 21st. Stu and I had planned that we would be going away for a night to Hull, yes it's just up the road from us but the latest we can get a bus home is 6.30pm (we don't like to get the last bus at 8.30pm as it's not reliable). We kept it a secret from Becky and her and I went off to Hull for a look around the shops and Stu and Ellie followed with the suitcase to surprise her. She was surprised and nearly cried. 

We just stayed at a Premier Inn and went to Wings, the all you can eat place. We have never been on an evening so it was a real treat as they have more and different food on offer. Yes it was about £10 more than we would pay to go on an afternoon but it was so worth it! There were so many more dishes, sushi, duck and you could even help yourself to a roast dinner if you wanted.

On the Sunday, Becky's actual birthday my dad was over in Hull, he was going to a car boot sale and said he would pick us up which was a real bonus. The way the buses are we wouldn't have got home for coming on to 3pm so even with looking around the car-boot we got home just after midday. It gave Becky more time to enjoy her birthday instead of sitting on a bus. 

Eldest birthday presents

Becky finally got to open her presents and she was so happy with everything. All but one of her presents was a surprise to her and she said I chose well. The big green bin did make her laugh, she knows I am sick of nagging her to put things in her bin and she always complains it's too small. Not anymore. lol Her favourite gift was the 6ft Harry Styles cardboard cut-out which is now living in her bedroom giving me a heart attack almost every time I go in there. I am always convinced it's a real person. 

So that's if for birthday's this year, well until November when it's mine and we don't have any plans at all but now we have been having little holidays and nights away I am fancying a night in a hotel. hehehe


  1. I'm glad your girls had lovely birthdays they both sound really good. Boo had lots of clothes for her birthday too, I can relate to the fashion show. I think I might have a hotel break for my birthday in November....on my own LOL. xx

  2. Birthdays are special growing up. I'm happy they enjoyed their days.

  3. Sounds like Ellie and Becky had wonderful birthday celebrations. The arcade game place sounds like so much fun, I haven’t been to one in ages. That cardboard cut out looks so real, it would definitely give me a heart attack too! Haha! I laughed at the green bin and thought that would have been perfect for my oldest son Luke. His room was always so messy with papers all over the floor and his bin was always empty!

  4. Aw, I'm glad Becky and Ellie had fab birthdays! They are both a credit to you and Stu, lovely girls.
    I did laugh at the Harry Styles cutout, I would keep thinking there is someone in the room too! I wonder if there's a Jason Statham one haha. xxx