Saturday 4 November 2023

A photo every day for a year! 28th Oct - 3rd Nov - Week 44 of #Project365

I have had quite a busy week. I seem to be spending less and less online at the moment which of course isn't a bad thing but it does mean when I do spend time online it feels like I am playing catch up. I am sure things will calm down soon.

I have been buying more for Christmas. I now have all the advent calendars ready, all of Ellie's main presents for the big day and most of Becky's. I have made a list of what I want for Christmas and shared it with Stu and I have bought some chocolates, crisps and a bottle of Baileys which have been hidden away.

Now for a photo every day!

Green nail polish and leaves
Crisps and clothes airers
Advent calendar and sun in the sky

301/365 - 28th October
A new nail colour. I love this colour, I think it will be especially perfect for December, it feels very festive!

302/365 - 29th October
Leaves on the ground. It was such a nice morning on Sunday. Stu and I went out for lunch and had a lovely walk out. It was quite a warm day despite it raining later on.

303/365 - 30th October
I bought these Christmas pudding flavoured crisps from B&M and they are actually quite nice. They taste sweet and like Christmas with a cinnamon/caramel type flavour.

304/365 - 31st October
The clothes airers are getting used again although yesterday I did managed to get 2 loads fully dried and another almost dried before the rain came.

305/365 - 1st November
I am rewatching the Harry Potter movies again. I do love them and even after seeing them lots of times I never get sick of them and always seem to notice something new that I've not noticed before.

306/365 - 2nd November
I saw the rubber duck advent calendar on Amazon a few weeks ago and didn't really want to pay £15 so when I saw it on Shein, the same one for £7 I had to get it. I then saw a crystal advent calendar for about £8 which I knew Ellie would love. The same one was £20 on Amazon. 

307/365 - 3rd November
What was that big yellow thing in the sky? lol The sun made a rare appearance. It was such a nice morning and put me into such a good mood.


  1. Lovely to see the sun shine and being able to dry your washing. I've got a load waiting to go on but have no where to dry it until the last lot dries. Well done with the advent calendar deals.

  2. I need to get another clothes horse but at least we've got the aga on now, so clothes dry a lot faster, it's just not nice permanently having clothes drying in the kitchen. They're good advent calendar bargains. I've got the coins to go in N's but we do low key. Love that nail polish colour. I really need to grow my nails again. Currently only 3 are nice, the rest are bitten off again.

  3. Wow! You are organised. I've made a start on my Christmas shopping but still have a lot to get.
    I love the idea of a rubber duck calendar! What a bargain. xx

  4. You sound super organised for Christmas! Love that colour for the nails! I haven't worn nail polish in years. The advent calendars were a bargain! It definitely is nice to see the sun out after so much rain.

  5. You sound super organised! I've just bought my Christmas cards and one present.

    I really can't imagine how Christmas pudding crisps taste, they don't appeal to me at all!


  6. You are the leader in organizing for Christmas for sure! Enjoy the season.

  7. I really want to try those Christmas pudding Christmas. And we re-watch all the Harry Potter films every year. We always start on the day the Christmas tree goes up #MMBC

  8. The green nail polish looks fab. I had some W7 and it was ok. I should get the same one too. :)

  9. Love that nail polish colour – so pretty. The Christmas pudding flavoured crisps sound interesting. The rubber duck advent calendar sounds fun. I’m so impressed by how organised you are with Christmas shopping. #project365

  10. Urgh so much rain! I'd forgotten what the sun was like! I liked the sprout flavoured crisps from a few years ago :) #project365