Thursday 13 April 2017

Charity shop shopping....

When I was a teen my mother used to take me shopping in all the charity shops in town and I hated every second of it....I was too cool to want and wear second hand clothes....I thought I knew it all. Only poor people shopped in charity shops....It turns out I actually knew nothing. The older I got the more I realised that charity shops are awesome!!

My girls actually think it's a treat to have a mooch around the charity shops on our high street....We have about 6 or 7 in town. Some of them are better than others price and quality wise.

Becky's best buy was a Frozen jumper....I think it was only 99p and Ellie's was of course MonkeyI think I have found a few bargains in each and every one of our local shops....Lots of clothes and even a bathroom cabinet which Stu painted and made look brand new.

Remember you are buying 2nd hand. Check everything over thoroughly before committing to a purchase.

Don't be afraid to root around and take your time. Be prepared to rummage....Most charity shops will simply organise items by colour or size don't be afraid to dig in...

You never know what you'll find in a charity shop and the temptation to impulse buy is strong so set yourself a limit on how much you will spend...

Pop in frequently. Charity shops will have new stock out every day.....You might find absolutely nothing one day but the best thing ever a few days later.

Keep a look out for sales. Charity shops do have them. I know one in our high street has a day per week where everything is half price.

Different areas tend to have different characteristics. In affluent cities you are probably more likely to come across designer clothing. I have noticed this. The clothes are much fancier in Newcastle than they are here where I live. The prices are higher for normal items of clothing though.

Never buy shoes or bags or underwear....That is a step too far....The imprint of someone’s big toe and the thought of someone else's sweaty feet being in a shoe really puts me off. 

There's nothing embarrassing about shopping at charity shops....Don't be put off by any items that look a bit grubby round the edges. A good wash could make something look as good as new....

Remember to donate your clothes for someone else to love and reuse....

Do you shop in charity shops? What bargains have you found?

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  1. I buy shoes and bags.. they are often Unworn/unused and i give them a good clean first. It's no different than if they've been tried on in the shoe shop if they look nearly new they probably are 😊 love charity shopping, especially for kids things​! X