Wednesday 12 April 2017

We have been growing Sea Monkeys....

For Christmas Becky got the Sea Monkeys Ocean Zoo....She put it away and actually forgot about it until a couple of weeks ago....
Sea-Monkeys were invented in the 1950s. They're an artificial breed of brine shrimp. They're creatures that spring to life the second the eggs touch water. 

The creatures, whose tails remotely resemble those of monkeys can enter a state of suspended animation in times of adverse environmental conditions, and stay in that state indefinitely, until conditions improve.
The kit had everything we needed and contained the aquarium with magnified viewing portals, a sachet of water purifier, one sachet of instant live eggs, a sachet of growth food and a feeding spoon.

First we had to add bottled water to the tank and add the purifying powder. We gave it a stir and left it for 24 hours...

We added the eggs after about 24 hours and left them to hatch....

After a few days we started to see little specks of something swimming about....We fed them for the fist time after 5 days and the little things are starting to grow....

It is so hard to get a photo of the Sea-Monkeys as they are so small but they're there and they are growing. They are much easier to see on the video. 

It is a lot of fun to grow Sea-Monkeys and very exciting to see them grow....I have read online that they can and do breed and can live up to two years....Eek!


  1. good grief , i remember these from back in the 70s , even living in a green swamp they bimbled on

    1. hehehe! Ours is turning a bit green now. Eww! but they're still thriving x

  2. I've never come across Sea Monkeys before. They look fascinating. How excited to see them hatch and grow :-)