Thursday 20 April 2017

The kids baked cakes....

The girls and I bake at least once a month....Baking cakes is normal for us....What happened last week wasn't though.

When I used to bake with my girls they obviously needed help cracking eggs, measuring ingredients out and reading the instructions....Last week was the first time that both my girls did everything themselves....Well mostly. I still put the cakes in the oven, checked on them and got them out....

I bought a couple of cake mixes from Tesco...Shopkins one's for Ellie and Moana one's for Becky. There isn't a great deal of choice for teenagers. Hmmf.

They read the instructions, put everything they needed in their bowls and got mixing.....In no time they had the cake mix mixed and the got on with putting it in the cupcake cases...Again with no help from me.

I took over when it came to dealing with the oven....Becky I trust with it. She bakes at school and is quite capable of getting things in and out without burning herself but with Ellie I am not too sure....She gets excited and just doesn't think. Better to be safe than sorry.

The cakes came out looking fantastic and they were put outside to cool....I left Ellie playing at being a scarecrow. Someone had to stop the birds from swooping down and pinching the cakes....hehehe

The girls mixed the icing and got on with decorating the cakes....All without my help.

Becky and Ellie did a great job....I think this time next year I won't even have to supervise. They are quite the experts at baking....It makes me so proud but sad at the same time....This is just another thing that they don't need me as much for....They are growing up too quickly and I don't like it one bit.

Now I just have to teach Ellie to stop eating the mixture as she is mixing the cakes and licking the spoon after icing each


  1. We've made those Shopkins ones! They're great for kids to make.

  2. Well done to your girls! It is such a fine line between teaching them and letting them take risks and keeping them safe eh!

  3. The girl's cakes look amazing and well done to both of them for doing them by themselves. I know what you mean about losing supervision, my Boo likes to do everything herself too. x

    1. Ahh! Thank you. They are getting so grown up x

  4. I love the shopkins ones! I haven't baked for a while with the kids. They look like they had lots of fun x