Saturday 2 December 2017

A photo everyday for a year - Week 48 #Project365

Another week done....It has been a strange week! I think we have had every type of weather here. On Thursday we awoke to a little snow. It snowed on and off all day but didn't settle....All I want to do is build a snow man with the kids but the world isn't playing fair! For the rest of the week it has been dark and wet....So rubbish for taking photos but I still managed one for every day.

308/365 - 25th November
Tea time.

309/365 - 26th November
Drawing and colouring. I wished she would draw more as she is so talented...

310/365 - 27th November
Taking a photo of a recipe on my phone is so much easier than trying to find it online on my phone. Pork & Apple casserole in the slow cooker. It was amazing!

311/365 - 28th November
I was watching the Phillip Schofield thing on ITV at 8pm about the top toys for Christmas...The kids stood in front of the TV for about half an hour...They were supposed to be going to bed but just couldn't drag themselves away...

312/365 - 29th November
Such a dark day!

313/365 - 30th November
Very late on Thursday night our Elf on the shelf arrived...

314/365 - 1st December
We went to see the Christmas lights been switched on....Ellie of course had to go on a couple of the funfair rides...


  1. snow how exciting, I left the UK a week too early it would appear. Look forward to find out what your Elf gets up to

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one struggling to get photos. My weekday ones are so boring, and weekends are limited

  3. What a fab selection of colouring things for when she does want to draw. I hadn't heard of the toy programme. Any good? #365

  4. we had one day of snow settling on the car, but no where else.
    Fifi is artistically very talented as well, a nice relaxing pastime.

  5. No snow here at all thankfully but I agree, it's been so dark. Hope you are having as much fun with your elf as we are with ours. #365

  6. I hate taking photos too these days as so hard to get good ones! We had about a 5 second flurry of snow on the school run and that was it. Although my youngest wants it to snow I am hoping it holds off here until the holidays!

  7. I know what you mean about the light for photos. The Christmas lights looks fun.