Saturday 9 December 2017

A photo everyday for a year - Week 49 #Project365

Another week of not taking many photos....On the days where I didn't I had the Elf on the shelf photo as a back up....

In two weeks time the kids will have finished school for Christmas and it can't come soon enough. My teen has been full of cold and my my youngest has had a bit of a cold too....We're struggling to get up on a morning with it being so dark and staying in bed is so more appealing....

Here's a photo for every day!

315/365 - 2nd December
One building with Lego and the other building on Minecraft...

316/365 - 3rd December
Our Elf hiding in one of the Christmas stockings....

317/365 - 4th December
My fella thinks I've lost the plot buying a toilet seat cover set for the It was only £3 from The Works....

318/365 - 5th December
The Elf had been for a bath....hehehe

319/365 - 6th December
Ellie came home with a certificate for Scientist of the week....I was very proud of her!

320/365 - 7th December
Slow cooker meatballs for tea around the coffee table....

321/365 - 8th December
I've started on the Christmas food shopping....I love the stuffing on the Christmas dinner and always find some different flavours. I like the sound of these. They are in the freezer ready for the big day.


  1. I think you're pretty mad with the toilet seat cover too! It's certainly unusual! Well done to Ellie for her scientist of the week certificate. Do you have to wait two weeks for the kids to finish school? Ours finish next Friday, although I do actually think that's a bit early!

    1. It was only a few pound from The Works and gave the kids a good laugh so it was worth it.
      Yep. We don't finish until the 22nd! I think it's great. Last year they finished early and we didn't like it x

  2. Well done to Ellie on scientist of the week. Had to giggle at your toilet set!

  3. hubby pointed out those toilet sets and I said no, but guess if they make them plenty much buy them.
    A huge well done on the certificate.
    I am not a stuffing lover

    1. I have seen a few other people with them on Instagram. lol It was only £3 for the set so was worth it.
      Thank you x

  4. well done Ellie on scientist of the week and i love the toilet seat cover

  5. I think you're pretty bonkers with the toilet seat cover too! Fun though. Way to go Ellie for her scientist of the week certificate, that's brilliant. My kids don't finish until a the 22nd x

  6. I know what you mean..the holidays can't come soon enough! It's been my youngest's first term and can tell she is getting exhausted now and needs a break.

    Well done on scientist of the week! That toilet seat cover is fun!