Friday 1 December 2017

This week has been all about food! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

For once it was easy to come up with this weeks word....This week has all been about food! Thinking about it, making it, blogging about it and of course eating it!

I had a fab delivery of pizza and wine to to review which will be coming next week....The kids thought it was hilarious that I was sent pizza and wine as they may be my two favourite things. hehehe

I got my Tesco grocery delivery slot for the 23rd of December and I have started filling my basket up with all the Christmas food....It is the one shop of the year that I don't mind doing...With being a delivery saver customer with Tesco the slots were opened early and it has really taken some of the Christmas stress away....

I used my new slow cooker for the first time on Saturday and made Sausage and baked bean slow cooker casserole which I of course blogged about and Becky was busy in the kitchen trying out some Free from Baking kits from Tesco. She had a great time. I was just there to take photos and tell her to stop licking the spoon. lol....The cakes really were delicious and they didn't last long at all...

On Monday I made pork & apple casserole in it which was another hit with the kids eventually....There was a few moments where I thought the kids weren't going to eat it. My teenage drama queen Becky said pork is too chewy until she put her fork in a piece and it just broke up....hahaha It melted in our mouths and Ellie said she didn't like it without even trying it...As soon as she did she didn't stop eating. lol

I have spent the rest of the week finding recipes and I think for the next few months I have recipes for a couple of meals a week....Next week I am making meatballs in it and some sort of stew....I have found a bad thing about it though. With it cooking all day I get to smell it all day and I am forever feeling There is fruit and healthy snacks in the cupboard but I keep reaching for crisps and chocolate which needs to stop....

Tonight we are off to see the lights being switched on in town and I am really hoping the food stalls are there....I have been dreaming about pork, stuffing and apple sandwiches, dinky doughnuts and fudge! hehehe

This has nothing to do with food but I wanted to share....My fella came home from work on Tuesday with the news that he won't be working on Christmas eve!!! He works in retail and for the last 10 years has always worked Christmas eve. It's going to be so nice having him home getting ready for the big day...It will be nice to have a bit of help!


  1. It's so hard to avoid temptation this time of year isn't it. I feel like the whole of December revolves around delicious food and drink ! Brilliant news about Christmas eve x #WotW

  2. I love my slow cooker. I need to try that sausage recipe. I make curries in mine which always makes me hungry but it's so easy when it's time to dish everything up #WotW

  3. Oh, it had to be 'food'! A pizza and wine review does sound good! I've been filling my online trolley for Christmas, too, it is good to have that slot booked in. Great news about Christmas Eve, too! Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  4. whoo hoo! How great having Stu home Christmas eve! I hope you get your food wishes for tonight. I've also booked my Christmas delivery, it was quite funny actually as I'd put a reminder on my phone on the day the slots were open but I ended up in A&E all day with my girl. Then just as I was going to bed I saw the reminder and ended up booking my slot and filling my trolley with any old crap just to secure it. Now I can chill and add and take away right up until Christmas :)

  5. That cake looks yummy. How amazing is it to be sent pizza and wine, that is living the dream right There! X #WOTW

  6. Food is always a good subject! and a pizza and wine review is my idea of heaven LOL! I shall do my Xmas food shop the old fashioned way by being at the supermarket at some unreasonably early time!

  7. Food definitely sounds like the perfect word for your week. I love slow-cooked food. That cake looks fabulous - is that the one Becky made? Getting the Christmas delivery slot makes things less stressful, doesn't it? So glad to hear that Stu won't be working on Christmas Eve and will be able to help get things ready for Christmas x #WotW