Wednesday 13 December 2017

Making Gingerbread houses.

Every year the girls make gingerbread houses....It's a tradition we started a few years ago....We always have a lot off fun and this time was no different....

I always get the girls one each from Tesco....We know what we're getting. It's easy to put together and tastes good too. They cost £4.00 and I would say they're worth every penny!

In the kit you get everything you need to create a magical fairytale house. Six gingerbread house pieces, an easy build tray, squeezy white icing with nozzle and plenty of candy & jelly sweets to decorate the house....

Last year Ellie needed quite a bit of help and instruction but this year as soon as she opened the packet she was off and was telling Becky how to do things. lol....What a difference a year makes!

The girls and I was chatting while they were making the houses and have decided that even when they have left home they will still come back to make a gingerbread house which warmed my heart...They also said that I will still have to pay for them though which I'm not so keen 

Didn't they do well....Ellie's is on the left & Becky's on the right....

What you can't see is about 1 minute after I took the photos Becky's house collapsed....All 4 walls just fell. It was hilarious. She thought so too. It gave her the best excuse to start eating it....hehehe

Have you made a gingerbread house this year?

I was not asked by anyone to write this....I bought and paid for the gingerbread houses myself!!


  1. I think those kits are a great idea and the girls houses look fab. It's a shame Becky's collapsed, I know I always get a photo as soon as possible because they are prone to landslides :) x

  2. I love the expressions and looks they are giving each other's houses. It does look fun. Did it collapse by itself, or was it helped? Hee hee. I can't wait to do our gingerbread houses. #MMBC

  3. Those kits look like a great idea. I've been tinkering with the idea of making gingerbread, in any shape or form, to decorate a tree outside with edible ornaments. Those Tesco kits might just be the ticket!

  4. Ah these look so cool. The kits look fab. I'm not a gingerbread fan myself.


  5. Great kits to have some fun with. Ellie and Becky did really well and the end result is fab. Crafting and cooking together is such a good thing to do and really christmassy too:)
    Thanks for linking this up and being part of the #mainyloveschristmas linky party, I love having you along.