Tuesday 26 December 2017

My favourite reviews of 2017.

Over the past year my family and I have reviewed some fantastic things....Some have been gifted to us and some I have bought.....It doesn't influence my opinion though. All my thoughts and opinions on my blog posts are honest and my own....

The Betty Box is a monthly subscription service which provides tampons and pads, alongside a beauty and pamper box which consists of a fab selection of products. Anything from makeup to jewellery and cute trinkets. The Betty box is aimed at girls in their teens and the idea is just to make that time of the month a little bit more pleasant!

This is such a great idea and in the new year we will be subscribing....I saw we as Becky and I will be sharing a box...

Galleoneers is a recipe subscription box perfect for kids aged between 3 to 12 years old. The boxes give little chefs the chance to appreciate diverse cuisines from around the world. With 3 recipes in each box including starters or snacks, mains and desserts your cooks can learn a variety of kitchen techniques. As well as learning about the cuisine they also learn about geography and explore new cultures.

Ellie had fantastic fun making sushi and it really did teach us a lot about Japan.

Playmobil City Life Furnished Children's Hospital has a working elevator which has space for the patient's bed, an adjustable operating table, a patient bed which rolls on wheels, a reception, a children's and baby section as well as an operating room. It has a lot of medical equipment including moveable surgical light, respirator and defibrillator. It includes:5 Playmobil figures, 1 baby incubator, 1 toilet, 1 child's hospital bed, 1 reception desk, 1 childs growth chart, 1 scales, 1 operating room and lots of accessories. 

Ellie had some Christmas money to spend and this was one of the best buys we've ever made. She still plays with this now. At least once every couple of days...I can't see he getting bored of it any time soon!

Ellie was sent everything she needed for going back to school...What made it special was that everything had her name on. It was a great set and even though the pens have ran out she still has the pencil case and the pencils....She loves it and still uses it every day for school....

I was very lucky to be sent 4 bottles of sparkling wine to try and it felt like such a treat....I have a bottle of the Prosecco ready for new year....hehehe

This was the most amazing review of the year! Not one but two Dyson's....I was nominated by Jayne who blogs at Sticky Mud & Belly Laughs to take part in a gifting challenge where we sent each other a gift from AO. She choose this for me and it was such a great choice. I use the cord free vacuum daily and the upright one a few times a week....Now I have a Dyson I will never be using another brand!

 I still can't believe that companies and businesses send me things to review....I am so grateful for everything I receive!

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