Saturday 16 December 2017

What’s in your #ChristmasStocking tag!

I have seen a lot of people doing The Christmas Tag. I did it last year and a couple of years before that so I have been looking for a new tag....Earlier this week I saw that Annette from 3 Little Buttons had the What’s in your #ChristmasStocking tag and I needed to take part...

It’s all about the quickfire questions in this tag, so go with the flow and jot down what pops into your head. Ready, steady, jingle!

1. Who’s behind the gathering of Christmas stocking treats – Mama Christmas or Father Christmas?
Mama Christmas. hehehe Me...My fella would be quite capable of sorting the Christmas stockings but I totally take over the buying for Christmas.... 

2. Traditional stocking or giant sack?
A traditional stocking always....It's perfect for all those little presents I can't be bothered to wrap.

3. Christmas stockings for everyone or only those who believe?
For everyone! Stu and I only buy one another small presents so they are perfect for stockings...

4. Cheap as chips or a big festive splurge?
Cheap as chips. I get most of the stocking fillers from the Pound Shops. 

5. Themed goodies or a pick-a-mix stocking of treasure?
There is a mix of everything....Sweets, stationary, bath things and little toys....

6. Real orange or chocolate orange?
Real orange.

7. Christmas ‘stick to your teeth’ candy or Santa’s ‘special’ healthy snacks?
It has to be ‘stick to your teeth’ candy....Apart from an orange there is no place for healthy food in a stocking! 

8. Chocolate coins or sugared mice?
Chocolate coins....

9. Latest trends or traditional wooden puzzles?
A mix of both.

10. Each item carefully wrapped in authentic looking wrapping paper or Santa just threw it all in?
I just throw everything in....I haven't time to wrap all the small presents....hehehe

11. Stockings hung with care by the fireplace or end of the bed?
At the end of the bed in hope that the kids will find them and give us an extra half hour in bed...

12. Who fills the stocking – Mama Christmas or Father Christmas?
Mama Christmas!

13. Filled to the brim and overflowing or perfectly neat?
Always filled to the brim and overflowing....

14. What do you leave Santa – a glass of milk or something stronger for the road?
A glass of milk and a mince pie....

Share your favourite Christmas tip of all time…
It's just one day! Try not to stress too much!

How to play the What's in your #ChristmasStocking Tag....It’s an easy one.

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I would love to nominate Ojo's World, The Rolling Baby and Raisie Bay to join in with this Christmas tag as well as anyone else reading this who would like to take part.


  1. These tags are rather fun. I did the Christmas tag last year too. #mmbc

  2. My answers would be the same as yours!

  3. "perfect for all those little presents I can't be bothered to wrap" that is exactly what i've done this year!! #mainyloveschristmas

  4. Oh I love the sound of Christmas at yours! Nice and relaxed and fully into the spirit of Christmas, love it! What a fun tag too:) Thanks for bringing it along to the #mainyloveschristmas party
    Mainy x

  5. We always do the glass of milk and mince pie for Santa. Anyhow the boys went to see Santa today, and he asks them what they will be putting out for Santa, so they say milk & mince pie, plus carrot for the reindeer. Guess what he says next - Santa is lactose intolerant and wants whisky! So of course this evening, that is what son2 is asking to put out