Saturday 11 August 2018

Baking, selfies and socks! Week 32 - #Project365

This past week has flown over.....I lost track of what day it actually was mid-week. The joys of the summer holidays. 

Now for a photo every day.... 

216/365 - 4th August.
We baked....I made a corned beef, potato & onion pie and Ellie made cakes and biscuits. 

217/365 - 5th August.
Stu made tea and did a great job! Battered chicken, rice, mushrooms and peppers covered in curry sauce. Yum!

218/365 - 6th August.
Selfie! We had an afternoon out and I took so many photos.

219/365 - 7th August.
We have been trying some BioCare vitamin and supplements. There will be a blog post next week about them.

220/365 - 8th August.
My teen paired all the socks to earn more time on her laptop....There was a lot of socks. hehehe It's a job we always put off.

221/365 - 9th August.
Ellie is such a cutie but hates being called that. She said she is too old to be cute. Hmmf!

222/365 - 10th August.
We were sent a lovely package of Hippeas chickpea puff snacks to try out...."Give peas a chance" really made me chuckle.


  1. Tell Ellie you're never too old to be called cute. :) Lovely selfie of you three ladies. Stu's dinner looks very tasty. We also buy cupcake cake mixes, they are great for kids.

  2. Your tea looks delicious! Kids are never too old to be cute, especially when they're your youngest. My daughter is definitely cute, even though she's nearly as tall as me now! That certainly is a lot of socks! I hate pairing them up, but I do them straightaway every time. I find them challenging because the boys and their have very similar socks and it's hard to tell them apart.

  3. I'm loving that sock idea. I just do mine as they come off the line with everything else. But N does help with his own

  4. there's only me and hubby now and i rarely wear socks, yet i still spend a long time pairing them up. Love the selfie, the 3 of you look so alike

  5. Aw, what a lovely week. I love your selfie, your girls look so much like you! I really must put more photos of me on the blog. I hate my pic taken. x

  6. Wonderful week and some "cute" photos. Cute wasn't a word I hated as a child. "my baby" is what I hated. Being the youngest my mother always introduced me as her baby. I protested when I was 27 but she did it until she died years ago. I miss it now.

  7. Aww what a lovely week and some seriously cute photos. Those snacks look very tasty xx

  8. That pie looks and sounds lovely. Your girls are the spitting image of you! #365

  9. Love those hippeas snacks and a nice alternative to potato crisps.
    They are never to old to be cute
    Well done Stu tea looks and sounds great

  10. I'm feeling hungry now after those food pics! I hope the Hippeas taste good. My eldest hates being called cute :( #project365

  11. That is a lot of socks! I've tried the Hippeas too. I won a box in a competition and we preferred some flavours to others. Still have a bag of the least popular one.