Saturday 18 August 2018

Bolognese, balls and a birthday. Week 33 of #Project365

Another week of the summer holidays has flown over....It feels like we didn't do much and to be honest we didn't but I think that will change over the next couple of weeks as Stu my fella starts his holidays from work on Monday. Hooray! He sure is ready for them and I am too....It's great having the kids home but I know they are getting bored of just having me

Now for a photo every day....

223/365 - 11th August.
I made a big pan of bolognese....There was enough for two days and a couple of portions to go into the freezer.

224/365 - 12th August.
We have been trying out some Fruitypot products. I snuck them outside to photograph before the kids spotted them.

225/365 - 13th August.
We sorted through the memory boxes and I always get sentimental when I see Becky's first pair of trainers. I probably got them about 16 years ago....I used to keep everything to put in the boxes now I am a little more picky since we have 4 huge boxes of drawings, crafts, clothes, school reports and special things. lol

226/365 - 14th August.
I won a Sling Stix set from Mummy's Space and it arrived this week....The girls love it and has encouraged them to get outside and play even when the weather hasn't been that great!

227/365 - 15th August.
There was an armed robbery at the post office just 5 minutes from me and all around me was swarming with armed police....It was quite scary to know the robbers were on the run nearby. Thankfully arrests were made and no one was hurt.

228/365 - 16th August.
It was Stu's birthday....He had a lovely day. It is a running joke that we get each other something Peppa Pig related for any special occasion.

229/365 - 17th August.
I gave the kids some gingerbread men to decorate just so I could have 10 minutes peace....It worked but them I spent the next 20 minutes sweeping and hoovering up sprinkles. lol


  1. Ah, I was only thinking today about doing biscuit decorating with N. Great minds think alike! Hope the next couple of weeks are fun having Stu around

  2. Happy birthday to Stu! Love your Peppa Pig tradition. That must have been scary knowing that the armed robbery had taken place so close to home. Hope you all enjoy your next couple of weeks.

  3. You know I think I must have won a Sling Stix set too, but I don't know where from. It just turned up and I can't find an email about it. H took it to the park to meet a friend and it was very popular.

  4. Belated happy birthday to Stu, hope he has a good week off work.
    love bolognese, so versatile.
    That robbery must have been terrifying, glad they got caught without any grief to your neighbourhood

  5. I've a box of favourite clothes of the kids I've kept including their first shoes

  6. oh no re the robbery, I know what it felt like when we had police here everywhere recently too - good to know they were caught. Those first trainers!! too cute #365

  7. I hope the community is recovering from the robbery: how terrible for your family being so close to such danger! I always make huge batches of bolognese/chilli etc to freeze and save time later! #project365