Wednesday 29 August 2018

Today my youngest, my baby turns 11 years old....

Eleven seems so much older than ten years old and today my youngest, my baby turns 11.....Every year I say that Ellie seems to have grown up so much over the past 365 days but this time she really has.....

This time last year Ellie was so far behind her peers and it had us all worried....I really shouldn't have stressed about it. Again and again over the past year Ellie has proved everyone wrong, me included! 

Ellie was the youngest in her year at primary school and probably will still be the youngest when she starts year 7 at secondary school in just a few days....I had a planned c-section with her and should have planned things better and made them wait a couple of days....If I had she would just be starting year 6 in primary school in a few days....

Last summer her teacher suspected Ellie may have Autism or something like that....The school was really worried that Ellie wouldn't complete the year 6 SATs....I was worried too. The mock SATs came around and Ellie got top of the class in the English tests and proved everyone wrong....When the real SATs came around the school had the support worker sit with Ellie to give her a nudge when she became distracted but it turns out she wasn't really needed! Ellie had her head down working the whole of the tests and she smashed them! Ellie is at the expected standard for English, Reading & Science. She is behind with maths but I don't really care....She did better than anyone ever expected of her and she made me very proud. 

I have came around to the idea of Ellie starting secondary school....It scares the life out of me but deep down I know she will be fine....The teachers in primary school were worried about the transition to secondary school but so far so good. Ellie is excited about school for the first time in a long time. She is excited to start after school clubs, meet new people and do the different lessons....The teachers she has are some of the best one's and the special educational needs woman will be supporting her as long as she needs her...

This time last year I didn't really trust Ellie to walk home every day after school with her friends but again I needn't have worried....She walked home most days with her friends. The only time I picked her up was when I needed to see the teachers at school. There was only a couple of times when she came in late. I was so close to ringing the school asking where she was. lol Once when they were let out late and once when she had just been on a go slow with her friends. Her being 10 minutes late in seems like forever. I still wasn't keen on her walking to school and most mornings I took her. Towards the end of the school year she did start walking alone and she always got into school on time. Phew!

Ellie had trouble with bullies for most of her school life but over the last school year it was mostly stopped....One of her main bullies was finally caught out bullying someone else and then everything changed for Ellie. She was happier at school and gained so much more confidence. She is still quiet when she is around people but not as much as she used to be...

Ellie still loves playing with her dolls and is still obsessed with playing with water.....She loves to watch videos on YouTube and prefers it to normal TV....She has taken over the dining room table with the computer that her dad built for her and it gives her space to play to her hearts content. Monkey is still by far her favourite toy and she is showing no signs of not wanting him close by....

Ellie will always be my baby but she is growing up so fast....She is funny, sweet and I really hope she has the best birthday today......

Ellie has decided that instead of going out for a meal she wants a BBQ....I am keeping my fingers crossed that the weather is OK. I'm not even bothered if it's grey and the sun doesn't shine....I just want it to be dry and not too windy! Eek!


  1. What a really lovely post. I'm so happy to read how well she's doing and I hope she has a wonderful birthday 😊

  2. Eek it's pouring hard here so I hope you haven't got the same weather as us ! Happy birthday Ellie - wishing you a wonderfully happy birthday :)

  3. Aww happy birthday to Ellie, I hope she has an amazing day!

    What a lovely post Kim :)

  4. Happy Birthday Ellie, and well done for proving everyone wrong by exceeding all expectations, what a clever girl x Well, I hope your BBQ is going well, it's nice and sunny here so I hope it is for you too.
    I know what you mean about the birth dates, Star was due on the 6th of September, but decided to come early and now she's the youngest in her year. She should really be going into year eight, but she's in year nine!

  5. Tracey @ mummyshire29 August 2018 at 19:41

    You should be really proud of her journey, and yours. It sounds like this last year she has really reached many milestones. Hope Ellie has a wonderful birthday and fingers crossed the weather stays dry xx

  6. Happy birthday! What a star, I'm not surprised you are so proud of her she has come a long way. Hope the bbq went well x

  7. Happy birthday to Ellie! I hope she had a wonderful day and it stayed dry for that BBQ! x

  8. I hope Ellie had the best birthday! She is such a lovely girl. 😊 They grow up way too fast don't they?!
    I bet she will have an amazing time on her first day at her new school. Good luck Ellie! x

  9. Lovely pictures! Hope your BBQ went ok! #MMBC

  10. Glad to hear how well she's done this year. N was the same with smashing his year 2 SATs as well - similarly blew us away really. Hope the start of year 7 goes well for her - sounds like she's ready for it, even if you're not quite.