Thursday 30 August 2018

What I loved in August....

We have just a few days of the summer holidays left....This month has flown over. I really love having my girls at home despite their bickering and eating about 15 meals a day....This is what I loved in August....

It was my fella's birthday in the middle of August. We didn't do much. We had a takeaway and we baked him a cake which tasted so good.....It may even be the best cake we have ever made! Ellie's birthday was yesterday and she had a lovely day.

Getting out and about!
Most weeks during the holidays we ventured out to the market just for a mooch about and the girls have been to town a few times by themselves to spend their pocket money....Ellie has played out a lot with her friends just in the streets near where we live and both her and Becky have been to the park a few times.

We had an afternoon out at the Queen Elizabeth II Country Park and today we are off to Alnwick Castle. The kids have been on school trips before but Stu and I have never been. We're very excited to visit as a family....

It has been a month of computers.....Ellie got herself a new one. My fella made her one which is now on the dining room table....He did it for the sole reason of getting his computer back to himself so he could play the game World of Warcraft which had a big new expansion out to play this month....

Becky has been struggling to budget her computer time of 3 hours per day and has found herself doing plenty of jobs around the house to earn extra time. Pairing socks, hanging the washing on the line and sorting it....I have loved having a break from some of the jobs which I usually have to do daily. hehehe

Tesco Ploughmans Plum Chutney! 
Usually on my ham sandwiches I just have Branston Pickle or mustard but I saw this in Tesco and thought I would give it a try....

I have ended up having ham sandwiches for lunch most days so I can have this....It is so tasty and I am going to have to order a new jar at the weekend as it is almost all gone.

9 years since heart surgery!
This month we celebrated that it was 9 years since my girls went into hospital to have open heart surgery. It was the worst time of our lives but we got through it and each year we like to remember how far we have came...

KSI v Logan Paul!
My teen and I have been following the build up to the big fight between KSI v Logan Paul and their brothers Deji & Jake Paul for the last month....We watched the press conferences, the weigh in's and listened to all the diss tracks. On Saturday night we spent a few hours watching the live stream and watched them boxing.....Even my fella who had no interest was watching and shouting at it. lol The main event ended in a draw. Ugh! Obviously there will be a rematch. I can help but think they planned it to end this way though.....

Baby Shark!
I should like this song but I do....It is so annoying but it really makes me smile....

What have you loved in August?


  1. Have a great time at Alnwick Castle - your August sounds fab x

  2. Hehehe now I have the Baby Shark Dance song on the brain !! It looks like you've had a fab holiday - so have I, but I have so many blogposts to get through now ! Eeek ! ;-)

  3. What a lovely month you have had. That chutney sounds nice. I am really into Branston orchard chutney at the moment, definitely worth a try if you haven't already! 😋
    I keep singing baby shark to Craig to do his head in lol, so funny! And happy 9th healthy heart anniversary and many more to come. x