Wednesday 22 August 2018

The things you only learn when you’re a parent....

A nationwide survey of new parents has revealed some of the pearls of wisdom we ONLY become aware of after having our first child....I found myself nodding along in agreement to the results....

Leaving the house becomes a military operation: 
It's not to bad now that my girls are older but in the early days yes! It used to take me an hour just to collect everything we needed. Nappies, a bottle, a change of clothes and then find the nappy bag...Get my girl dressed, myself dressed and then finally leave the house to find I have forgotten something!

Baby wipes are not just for baby’s bums:
My girls are not babies but I still buy baby wipes and I can't see myself stopping buying them anything soon. They have so many more uses than just for bums....They can clean anything and everything and I have put that to the test over the years.

You will always be tired:
Yep! Even now I am...The kids sleep all night but I stay up late trying to get things done that I can't when they are awake and then I end up tired.

Going to the bathroom in peace will be a thing of the past: 
The only time I get to pee and poo in peace is when the kids are at When they are home they want to know where I am going and as soon as I shut the bathroom door they will start to bicker or have a very important question that needs answering.

Quiet isn’t always good sign: 

This made me chuckle.....Over the years I have naively thought that when Ellie was quiet playing in her room, she was actually playing. There was times when she would go wild with my make up, nail polish and hand cream....Lets not forget the time she cut her fringe Kids being quiet means they are getting into trouble!!!

Your child’s skin is the best smell ever:
Yes!! I still love to sniff my youngest when she has been in the bath....My teen won't let me. lol She calls me a weirdo!

Your carpets and sofas will have permanent stains:
I refuse to have carpets downstairs because the kids are always spilling random things. We have laminate flooring. We have never had a new sofa because the kids will ruin it.....When they leave home I will treat myself to a new one.

Worrying will become your new hobby:
Yep! I can't think of a day where I haven't worried about my girls since they were born....There is always something to worry about even when they get older...

Your baby will have better cosmetics and clothes than you do:
I say this all the time.....My girls have way more clothes than I do and they are always getting new one's....I would rather buy for them than myself now. I never thought that would happen before I had kids.

Nothing compares to the pain of standing on Lego with bare feet:
The offensive words that have came out of my mouth when I have stood on Lego would shock some. The phrase swearing like a trooper comes to mind. It ruddy hurts! 

You end up Googling EVERYTHING:
Google wasn't a big thing when my teen was younger but now I do....It is a fantastic help when it comes to homework!

You will regularly be embarrassed in public.
Ellie has a habit of saying what she thinks out loud and is sometimes brutally honest which can be so embarrassing. Yes, that man does smell but not everyone needs to know it.....She said a couple of weeks ago "That begger has Nike trainers on, they are better than mine". I tried to explain to her he may have had them given to him which made her say "when I grow up I am going to be a begger"

You have to rely on catch-up TV:
I record a lot of things and I am always running behind with TV shows....The pause button is a wonderful thing!

You ring your mum before a doctor:
No my mum but my great Aunt....She is the font of all knowledge....

A strong coffee will get you though most things:
I rely on coffee especially when the kids are at school....It helps with the tiredness and there is nothing like drinking coffee and eating cake to calm myself down when something is stressing me out.

Sometimes a glass of wine is the only answer: 

Hangovers get worse:

Shots are never a good idea! I am sure that is the only reason I am ever When I was young I could drink and then sleep the hangover off....Now I can't drink as much and if I drink more than usual the next morning the kids will be up early and be ever so needy....I can't just nip out to McDonalds and eat the hangover away without taking the kids which adds to the headache....

Your Instagram feed will be 90 percent pictures of your child:
Yep...Only because I don't like my ugly mug on there....The kids are way more interesting than my face or house.

Does any of this ring true for you?


  1. Yes, pretty much all of it!!! When, oh when, will we stop buying wipes?! x

  2. Yes to all of these too. How did we ever manage without baby wipes?!

  3. I can relate to so many of these #mmbc

  4. Quiet is NEVER a good sign!


  5. every single one of those, especially the quiet one. Nothing good ever comes from a child under 4 not making enough noise to hear from anywhere in the house #pocolo

  6. Haha this is,brilliant especially when they are quiet makes me very suspericious X #pocolo

  7. Yes to all of these! Hehe. Leaving the house for us is always a mission. And the times we have forgotten something and have had to go back home and get it.
    The pics of Ellie did make me smile. We've had a few of these moments too :) x

  8. Oh those "quiet" make up pictures - they made me smile, let's hope she's learnt some lessons :) Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo