Friday 3 August 2018

I am sick of spending money. #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

That's all I seem to have done this week! Spend money! I am trying to get everything bought as soon as I can so we can enjoy the last few weeks of the school holidays having some days out and what we are planning doesn't come cheap!

Usually I spend the 6 weeks holidays arguing with Ellie about a new coat. We seem to disagree when it comes to what she needs for school. She goes for fashion over practicality but I was on the Sports Direct website ordering Becky some clothes for her birthday and I asked Ellie to look at the coats within 10 minutes we had agreed on one with no arguments! Hooray! It's a 3 in 1 Jacket so can wear the hoodie while it's still warm in September and then the rest when it gets wetter and colder.

I got Becky a ton of clothes for her birthday. Hoodies, jumpers, tracksuit bottoms, t-shirts and a new pair of trainers.....I also managed to get some plain black tracksuit bottoms for the girls for P.E and that was the start of the back to school shopping....

I had a good look through the uniform we have for the girls and it turns out all I needed to buy from the uniform shop was a PE top and a PE hoodie for Becky, Ellie can have the one's she's nearly grown out of and a spare tie for her too....In an ideal world Becky could probably do with a new blazer but they are £25 and it is only the elbows that are worn....She only has another year of school so it will make do....That part of the uniform is ordered and now I just have to buy trousers and shirts for them both. Oh and school shoes!

We were out on Wednesday and had a look in the shoe shop for school shoes and agreed on which one's they want and checked the sizes so I will just order them online....We also found a bag for Ellie. Hooray!

Ellie now has her own computer which didn't actually cost that much....Stu took all the parts he had laying about and the case my friend gave us when she got a new computer and made a working computer for Ellie....She is using her TV and all we had to buy was a keyboard!

Stu has done it so he can claim his computer back from He plays World of Warcraft and in a couple of weeks there is a big expansion released which he wants to play. I am buying it for his birthday which was more money spent!

We have one more bill to pay next week and then all the money is going to go on days out....We want to visit Alnwick Castle and Seaton Delaval Hall and if the weather is still warm the beach and probably the big park in Morpeth....


  1. Sometimes we do feel like we are spending all the while. I know I have some big expenses in Summer with the three birthdays and our holiday, but I was lucky enough to have a bit of a windfall back in April and it's been tucked away to cover everything...except the new uniforms! That's not too bad though, Boo has a voucher from her school to get her uniform, I just have to buy her some trousers. Star will only need one set of new clothes, and the Little Man doesn't have a school to go to! I hope you get to enjoy your days out, I bet you can't wait xx

  2. New uniform is always so expensive. It's great to get it out of the way at the start of the holidays. We always have the coat battle too! Stu did a great job to build a computer, what a clever thing to do! #wotw

  3. This time of year always costs a fortune, it's great that you managed to save money on uniform and the computer. You have to be savvy with teens don't you. Have a great time on your days out next week x

  4. Itnt annoying ng that all the costs one at once, but you sound so organised. I still haven't even thought.about buying two sets of school stuff week. Wow that is good with the computer X #wotw

  5. Blazers are so expensive aren't they, and I agree that you can get one more year out of it for the final year. Plus it's not even a full school year when they are in year 11. I need to do all the uniform shopping, but thankfully only 1 child to buy for this year as eldest going into the 6th form. Though no doubt he will need new clothes for that x

  6. That is a lot of spending in a short space of time! Ours seems to go quarterly as we have a birthday in March, two in June, one in September and one in October, then the dreaded Christmas! Glad you've managed to get your school uniforms sorted. I hardly needed to buy anything this year as both of the younger kids had new stuff last year. I just bought some blouses for my daughter and trousers for my son. They still need shoes, of course!

  7. Oh, I can so relate! Clothes, trainers and uniform for the kids really adds up and I've felt it here lately too. And then yes, days out and birthdays and so on - I try not to think about it!! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x