Friday 10 August 2018

My girls are growing up fast and this past week has proved it. #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

In previous years during the summer holidays I have planned things to do and the kids have loved it, we even made a summer bucket list full of fun things to do over this summer but this year seems different. 

I have seen the thing on Facebook which says you only get 18 summers together with our kids but what about when they are older and are off doing their own things. My girls are nearly 16 and 11 and they are wanting to do less and less with me. I suggested doing some crafts with Ellie and she said she couldn't because she was going out to play with her friends...Hmmf! I am happy that the kids have been finding their own things to do but it does sting a little that I am not needed so much.....

When Ellie was baking some cakes I was allowed to watch but I wasn't allowed to help and earlier in the week the kids made a trifle for after tea and I was shooed out of the kitchen because they didn't need my help....

This isn't a pity party it's just part of life....I am sure my mother felt the same when I was my girls age....It is natural that our children will become more independent and need us less...It just comes around so quickly!

Becky had her hair dyed last week and over the weekend Ellie decided she wanted her hair the same.....I had to lighten it and that is as far as we got because Ellie liked the It's the first real time that Ellie has chosen her own hairstyle and it's another part of growing up....

I did put my foot down on Monday and said we were having an afternoon out. I made a picnic and we were going to go on an adventure then it rained.....It absolutely chucked it down which meant the picnic wasn't going to work. We ate the sandwiches in the house and when the rain had stopped we did go out and had a great afternoon walking around a lake near us.

My great Aunt rang yesterday and said she was sorting out Christmas presents and she always gets the girls a couple of new sets of PJ's. She was asking what sizes they wanted and she couldn't believe that Becky was in adult sizes. She see's her maybe once or twice a year so doesn't see how much she has grown....

As I write this Ellie is out playing with her friends...She's only a couple of streets away but I am starting to trust that she will be OK. It was only this time last year when she first played out with her friend and I worried so much.

My girls are growing up fast and this past week has proved it....


  1. It's funny how we see our kids every day, but sometimes we just suddenly see things so differently and so clearly, isn't it? They do grow up way too quickly, mine are constantly surprising me with the things they can suddenly do or the things they come out with. But like you say, it's good to see, it can just catch us unawares! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  2. I love their hair! They do look so much more grown up now, I'm glad they are gaining their independence. It's hard for us Mum's but we have to let them grow up some day. I still have my eight year old baby :)

  3. When I was Becky's age I was constantly fighting for my independence! It must have been so hard for her at the time, but I was oblivious to the impact it was having. We talk on the phone every day now. They'll come around :)

  4. It must be so bittersweet to see your girls becoming more independent and not wanting to do so much with you. Glad you had some time together and enjoyed your walk around the lake. #WotW

  5. Awww it is coming of age but at least they know they have the love and support when ever they needed it X #wotw

  6. Love that photo of them with their new hair! I know this feeling so well. My daughter is out seeing friends more these days. She doesn't have friends locally, so I have to drop her off, but then she stays out for ages. My younger son has been on holiday with his friend all week and my eldest has been working. We bought my daughter adult's walking boots the other day, but at least she still mainly wears kids' clothes (she can wear a size 6 if she particularly likes an adult Tshirt). My younger son is 100% in adult's clothes now, apart from his school trousers.

  7. PS I hate that '18 summers' thing. I don't think there is a child over 7 in it. It's clearly aimed at parents with much younger children. If it's say 18 summers, it should actually show some teenagers!

  8. Its an odd time isnt it Kim, I know exactly how you feel, Jack booked a holiday with friends last week arghhh. Its as if they become independent over night great to watch but so hard to let go x

  9. Good to see how they’re developing into increasingly independent individuals, and interesting to read your teflections on this time of change... great post! x