Thursday 17 January 2019

A lot of decluttering!

When I started writing this blog post it was a whole different post. It was going to be my Word of the Week for last week and that word was going to be housework but I thought it was worthy of it's own post as I am pretty proud of what I did last week!

I do housework every day and up until last week I hated it! It was a chore. I wasn't one of those people who found any pleasure in it at all but last week has changed things. I have been enjoying it all because I have found a new routine!

Over the Christmas holidays I did hardly any housework. We were away for some of it and when we got home the kids took over the house with their Christmas presents. The kids went back to school last Monday and something needed to be done.

The kids took all their toys, gifts and clutter up to their bedrooms and found homes for everything then there was just the downstairs to do! That is when the decluttering started!

I love to watch Lorraine and This Morning on a weekday morning and there is an hour between them when Jeremy Kyle is on which I don't watch. Usually I use that time to tidy up and aimlessly walk around the house moving one thing from one place to another. I don't know what it was. Maybe it was the new year, a new beginning or something else but I found some motivation!

In that hour I have been having a very quick tidy around the house, mainly downstairs and I have been using the rest of that time to declutter one part of my house per day!

I even made a playlist of my favourite songs on YouTube which was an hour and a minute long so I knew when the playlist ends my time is up.

On Monday I did the big bookshelf which had became a dumping ground over Christmas and it was in a right state.

I also tidied the TV stand and got rid of the Playstation 2 and the games which have just been gathering dust for years.

On Tuesday I moved the living room around a bit and washed the sofa. I found some leather cleaner in Tesco and it was only a couple of pounds so thought I would give it a try. It worked brilliantly and now my cream sofas are looking as good as new!

Wednesday I started on the kitchen in the main cupboard where we store all the tins and jars. It wasn't organised at all and things were always falling out onto us.

The kitchen cupboard - Before & After.

I threw out so many half jars of things that were not looking too good and organised it and I think it looks so much better and everything is easy to find now!

Thursday is usually a "me day". I take time out away from the computer, house and take care of myself but it got to about 2pm and I was itching to do some sorting! What has happened to me?! I decided just to do a little sorting. The kitchen junk drawer. It is that drawer where everything which doesn't has a home goes. It was out of control. I don't think I have opened it in months. Eek!

There is now room to actually put more random things in. It was a bit shocking looking at the things in the drawer. I found letters from the hospital from when my girls were being diagnosed with their heart defects. I didn't think I still had them. They have been put in their memory boxes upstairs. It's something they can look back on.

Friday I ventured upstairs and filled a bag for the charity shop with the kids clothes they had grown out of. It was mostly Ellie's clothes because Becky's are passed down to Ellie. 

On Saturday Stu told me to calm down and not move off my seat until the wheelie bin had been emptied. It's overflowing. Oops. I have been filling black bags with rubbish but I don't actually take it out to the wheelie bin. lol

I have got the cleaning and sorting bug and it is so unlike me. I really think it's because I have been giving myself an hour to do things and that's it. I don't know what it is but this hour of housework seems to be easier to do than making a list of things which need doing and never ticking everything off that list.

I really don't know what I'm going to do with this hour when I have decluttered all of the house but I think I am OK for the next couple of weeks. There are still spots here which need sorting. The cupboard of doom! (the cupboard under the stairs), Ellie's toys, the bathroom, my clothes and my bedroom. The one place I am refusing to sort is the shed! Stu can deal with that!! lol


  1. I've got to declutter soon,and i'm dredding it x but you've motivated me x

  2. Wow! You have been busy, what a difference! I love having a good declutter and really need to do our kitchen junk drawer too. God knows what lurks in there. :) x

  3. Oh you can't beat a declutter can you. I cleaned and organised our christmas cupboards last week too. I bought one of those jar organiser shelf type things from Aldi and love it!

  4. Go you! I like your idea of creating an hour long playlist, that's perfect! It all looks great, I hope you continue to enjoy it x

  5. what a good idea, setting by an hour a day and doing what you can, it seems to be working for you anyway. A good de-clutter always makes you feel better. What a bargain that Tesco leather cleaner is!

  6. Awww well done. I need to do this too - starting with Madhouse Daddy's clothes that are still in his cupboard upstairs. I know that if I move them down to the garage or maybe even recycle/throw them away, we'll have a lot more space for tidying up but somehow, I just keep putting it off. Maybe if I give myself an hour segment, that would inspire me so thanks for the idea :)

    1. It must be hard. I can sort of understand why you haven't sorted Madhouse Daddy's clothes. Sending hugs x

  7. Ooo wow - you've done so well - I just look and think I'll do it later !

  8. Well done you! You've done so much. Cleaning is so much easier if you just set a limited amount of time for it. I follow "unf*** your habitat" on Tumbler and this is the basis for their method. Some of the before and afters are mind blowing! Although yours are great 😊

  9. Brilliant I'm just beginning hoping it will not over-face me and I can make some headway!

  10. Decluttering can be quite therapeutic. Like you decluttering in this house is an ongoing process. I like to do a bit at a time unless house inspection (my mother) is over! #mmbc

  11. I love a good declutter. I try and do certain rooms a couple of times a year and I end up selling bits we no longer use.