Tuesday 1 January 2019

The highs and lows of 2018 - Tag!

Last year I did the highs and lows of 2017 and I thought this year I will do it again. It was a great way to recap the year. The tag originally came from Kate on thin Ice.

1. What was your happiest event?
Going on holiday over Christmas and spending time with my dad. My dad has had some health issues throughout 2018 and there was a couple of times where I feared he might not be with us now. It was the first time in about 15 years that I saw him on his birthday and on Christmas day too.

2. What was the saddest thing to happen?
Not winning the lottery. I really can't think of anything that happened to myself of my family to make me sad. I think the only thing to make me cry sad tears this year was reading about Louise from Little Hearts Big Love and the loss of her beautiful daughter Jessica. It really cut me up as it was so unexpected.

3. What was the most unlikely thing to happen that actually went ahead and did?
We had a family holiday! In the 12 years plus that Stu and I have been together we have never had a holiday. Going away over Christmas was just what we needed.

4. Who let you down?
The woman who came to assess Ellie for Autism and said there was no issues with her at all. It turns out Ellie has social anxiety and the woman was wrong.

5. Who supported you?
Ellie's teachers, (again). Over the last half year at primary school Mrs N was amazing. She got someone to sit with Ellie in her SATs to give her a kick up the bum when she started daydreaming, stopped the bullying again and put her in the right frame of mind for starting secondary school. I sobbed like a baby when we said goodbye to her on the last day of school. At the secondary school there is Mrs C who we can rely on, who is looking out for Ellie and we see her every few months for a catch up.

6. Tell us what you learned?
When you stop worrying and stressing about things life is so much easier. It took me 39+ years to realise this. I was a worrier. Don't get me wrong I still worry but now it's a lot less. Why worry about something which hasn't happened yet and might not happen?

7. Tell us what made you laugh?
My girls. Especially Ellie. She is so sassy. Sometimes I think she's 11 coming on 21. She has her life planned. She's going to be either a unicorn or an engineer. She is going to live in a house like one on The Sims 4, she won't live with anyone apart from her children because boys are stupid.

8. Tell us the things that made you cry?
Ellie leaving primary school, professionals not listening to me when Ellie was being assessed for Autism and lots of TV programmes.  

9. Tell us three things your child or children did to make you feel proud. Please miss this question out if you are not a parent.
Ellie doing her SATs and doing way better than anyone imagined.
Becky doing great in her mock exams and tests at school and ending up with fantastic predicted grades for her GCSE's.
Both of my girls for getting along most of the time. They are more like friends now not just sisters.

10. Tell us the things that made you proud of yourself.
I have done things in the past year which are way out of my comfort zone. Speaking to strangers (I'm shy), standing up for myself and saying no more. I used to be a yes person, agreeing to things because I didn't want to offend or upset. Life is too short to do things that I don't want to do.

11. Tell us the challenges you overcame?
I stepped back a bit when it came to Ellie and school. It was hard. The secondary school would rather children were independent and I have tried to cut the apron strings a bit. I am not nagging as much and I have let Ellie speak to the teachers about things instead of me doing the talking. She is doing so well because of it.

12. Tell us the things you would like to change about your life in 2019.
After spending Christmas with my dad and his girlfriend Sarah it has made me more determined to spend more time with them over 2019. 

It has been a good year with no big dramas, lots of laughs and memorable moments.

Happy new year! Wishing you all the best for 2019....


  1. I'm so glad you finally managed to get a holiday. I hope 2019 is even better than last. Happy New Year xx

  2. I hope 2019 is an even better year for you! Happy New Year x

  3. Wonderful to get away with family. I hope 2019 is as good for you and you have more time with your Dad. #MMBC