Thursday 10 January 2019

Period proof undies from RED by Modibodi.

Ellie is now at that age where she could start her periods at anytime. I have done my best to prepare her. We have talked, I have shown her sanitary products and she's even spoken to Becky about periods. I thought that was all I could do to prepare her but then I was asked if I would like to feature something from a new brand from RED by Modibodi.

A pair of Modibodi RED knickers. Blue and white stripes.

Specially developed and designed for 11 to 21 year olds. RED is a brand of underwear and swimwear which has been made with incredible technology. You just wear the RED period proof underwear like you would your regular undies but without the hassle of having to use a tampon, menstrual cup or pad. 

Made super slim at only 3mm thick the Modifier Technology can hold up to 20ml or 2 tampons worth. The top layer quickly wicks away moisture, fights bacteria and stops smells so you stay dry and fresh. The middle layer safely absorbs fluid and locks it away and the bottom layer has extra waterproof protection so you are super secure.

We were sent the hipster bikini aqua stripe to have a look at:

Flow: 15ml = 1 1/2-2 tampons or 2 teaspoons
Feels: Comfy, secure and carefree.
Fabric: Oh so soft and breathable cotton
Impact: Less disposable pads, liners and tampons = positive change for the planet and your period.

This cute cut hipster bikini is perfect for everyday use and has enough absorbency to keep you covered either during the day or overnight – so you won’t have any awkward leaks on your white sheets!

I really think these would be fantastic for Ellie. Research by Plan International shows that almost half (49%) of young girls have missed an entire day of school and 64% of girls have missed PE or sports because of their periods. Almost three quarters (71%) of girls admitted that they have felt embarrassed buying sanitary products with nearly half (48 per cent) of girls aged 14-21 in the UK admitting to being embarrassed by their periods. Ellie has recently been diagnosed with Social Anxiety and anything I can do to make her life a little less stressful, I will. As a teen I always used to be worried about leaking but these sound like it takes that worry away!

You can wear RED for a whole day before changing into a fresh pair to sleep in which means you would need to buy at least one pair for each day of your period plus a couple of extra one's in case you can't get them washed quickly.

I thought the £16.50 a pair was expensive but then I thought about how much I spend on sanitary products. Say £2.50 for 20 sanitary pads which would last about 4 days. After 3 months of buying sanitary products you could bought one pair of the RED undies.

To wash them rinse in cold water after use. You don't have to soak them, just rinse until the water runs clear. Put them in the washing machine on a cold wash without fabric conditioner then hang them out to dry. 

I am going to be buying more pairs of these for Ellie if she gets on with the first pair when she starts her periods. As well as being better for her we will also be doing out bit for the environment by reducing the amount of single-use products that end up in our landfills.

We were sent the hipster bikini aqua stripe pants free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. What a FAB idea - will mention THESE to the neices

  2. What an excellent idea ! Really important to raise awareness for young girls

  3. Are these only available online, please?

    1. Yes, as far as I know the only place you can get them is via the website x

  4. What a brilliant idea. It's a big thing when you start your periods, so it's nice to see brands like this helping younger girls
    to feel confident. x

  5. These sound amazing! I think I’ll get a pair for my daughter to try, thank you!

  6. I would wear these! Do they do them for 38 year olds?! #MMBC

    1. They actually do! On the other part of their site. They go from size 8 to size 28 :D x