Tuesday 9 April 2019

Baking Rainbow Drops Unicorn shortbread biscuits! #NationalUnicornDay

We had a baking day yesterday and Ellie mentioned that it was National Unicorn Day today which reminded me that we still had the Swizzels Rainbow Drops Unicorn Shortbread Biscuit Kit which I picked up from B&M's a good few weeks ago. I think the kit was only about £1.50. Bargain!

In the box there was a shortbread mix, a packet of Rainbow Drops and some white chocolate buttons. All you needed to add was butter to the shortbread mix.

As much as Ellie loves mixing slime, goo and any other messy thing she isn't too keen on using her hands to mix the flour mix and the butter. She had a good old moan about it. I offered to help but she didn't want me to. There is no winning with her sometimes. lol

It was another kit where you cut the template out of the cardbox. They are a fab idea but I think I would happily pay extra for a proper unicorn cookie cutter! 

When the biscuits had baked. (They were slightly overdone. Oops) Ellie got on with decorating them. She melted the white chocolate buttons in the microwave and then put it on the unicorn horn and where the hair would be. She made rainbow hair using the Rainbow Drops!

I think they look fab! You can at least tell they are unicorns. hehehe 


  1. These look yummy! Cutting out shapes using paper templates looks a bit fiddly though!


  2. Aw, well done Ellie these look fab! I love the rainbow drops mane. I loved rainbow drops, they used to have them in the tuck shop at infants school many years ago. What a blast from the past! :) x