Saturday 20 April 2019

Easter is all about the chocolate now. Hmmf.

They say you don't know what you've got till it's gone and the saying is very true. We seem to have passed into a new part of life with my girls which does not involve decorating Easter bonnets, Easter egg hunts and Easter crafts.

For years I used to complain about decorating the Easter bonnets and eggs. It always seemed like such a chore. The kids used to have great fun though. They used to decorate them to be judged at school for the chance to win an Easter egg. Becky was never lucky enough to win but Ellie did in her last year at Primary school.

There has been none of it this year. Things like that aren't done at the secondary school and are certainly not cool to do at home. 

Ellie did make a pretty Easter scene using random things from the craft box while Becky was at a revision class and she had a great time. I offered to get her some Easter crafty things and she said no, thanks. She was just doing it to pass the time while her sister was out.

I was going to do an Easter egg hunt like we have done for the last however many years but they said they weren't fussed. I think if I had hidden the eggs they would have had a great time but I didn't want to risk spending the money and them just arguing over it.

I knew doing fun things over Easter wasn't going to last forever but it's one of those things which has just snuck up on me. Easter seems to have lost some of it's magic now the kids are older. They don't want to do all the activities that they did when they were younger. Now it's all about the chocolate.

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  1. I'm so with you on this, I've really felt it this year, even my youngest has had no interest and his school had an egg decorating competition which he refused to enter. I asked them today if I should just give them their eggs tomorrow, but the two youngest want to hunt for them. So, I guess I'll have the chance to hide some. awww, our babies are growing up :(