Friday 26 April 2019

This week my Word of the Week is: Keen! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

Just like that the Easter holidays are over. We had a lovely Easter weekend. We stayed home, watched films and of course ate far too much chocolate. I have totally lost track to what day it is with the bank holiday. Next week we'll be back on track only for the week after to have a bank holiday which will confuse me again.

Usually after the holidays the kids are less than keen to go back to school but this week they have been fantastic. They have been getting out of bed without me having to nag, they've been eating a proper breakfast each morning, getting dressed quickly and have been leaving for school on time and yesterday morning they were ready to go 10 minutes early. I had to tell them to sit down and relax for a bit.

I think the summer term is the easiest terms at school. There seems to be plenty of holidays and days off, the light mornings make it easier to get out of bed and we seem to be on the countdown to the summer holidays.

Becky is loving school at the moment because she knows she only has a few weeks left before her GCSE's start and then she will be finished secondary school. She is actually looking forward to taking her exams, mainly so she can stop the revision. lol She can't wait for the leavers assembly but she's said she's not going to the prom. She doesn't want to wear a dress, I have told her she doesn't have to but she is dead against it. I'm not going to push her. She is also looking forward and is very excited about starting college in September and studying something she is interested in and not things like Geography, Statistics and Science which she is forced to learn.

Ellie has had a good week at school despite having a detention after school on the first day back. Before the Easter holidays she was in trouble for messing around at lunchtime. Her and her friends were planning to bunk off lessons by hiding behind and under some tables. They would have got away with it if it wasn't for another friend telling them they had to go to class. Ellie skipped the detention on the Friday so they reissued it on Monday. She really thought they were going to forget about it. hahaha Since the detention she seems to stayed out of trouble and during the week she even got on and did some homework without being asked to do it. I was amazed.


  1. I think the lighter mornings and brighter days have probably given your girls an energy boost. This time of year I always better in myself, it's true that the seasons have an effect on mood. I can't believe Becky only has a few weeks left at school, where does the time go at all x

  2. I hadn't realised the bank holiday was so soon. This term has a good number of four day weeks. Glad Becky is enjoying the end of school. Laughing at her reasoning about doing her exams. Good thinking. I'm sure she could go to the prom in smart trousers. I know a few of my eldest's friends changed their minds at the last minute, found a dress and went. Eldest wouldn't even discuss it until she'd finished her exams. This week has been easier for us getting the children up. Thank you, light mornings. Hope next week is just as good for you. #wotw

  3. I think I may have a girl not willing to go to the Prom, I don't even know if they have it at her school. If they'd had it when I was at school I doubt any would have attended, half the girls were pregnant and left before their GCSEs!! How times change. It's nice to hear that they have been getting up and being keen about going to school. Mine go back next week and I'm not looking forward to rushed mornings and clean uniforms. xx

  4. We're in the same position with the school, middle boy can't wait to be done! Although, he is going to prom, my eldest didn't and never regretted it. I hope she doesn't get too stressed, and that your youngest has learnt her lesson lol x

  5. How exciting to have a daughter who is set to graduate soon. It's a shame she won't go to prom, but it's not worth fighting about. Some battles are best left alone. Hope your younger daughter learned her lesson! :)

  6. Getting up for school in the summer is definitely easier than in the winter! I hope that Becky does well in her GCSEs, maybe she'll change her mind about the prom :o)


  7. Omg Ellie, teens really try to push it dont they? We were the same at that age though its all part of growing up. Its an exciting time for Becky not long til revision is behind her. We are all the same in the mornings at the moment too, i think its the lovely bright mornings that make you spring out of bed x