Saturday 6 April 2019

Week 14 of #Project365 - A photo every day for a year!

What a week! We have had all the weather. Rain, hail, wind, sun and we woke up on Wednesday morning to a dusting of snow. This week has flown over considering it was the run up to the Easter holidays. Ellie had a school disco to go to and they both had a non-uniform day at school yesterday which made them so happy.

Now for a photo every day!

89/365 - 30th March
Ellie had a fab time playing with the Gelli Worlds Fantasy pack which we reviewed.

90/365 - 31st March
Mother's day and my cards. I had a lovely day.

91/365 - 1st April
Mince and dumplings for tea. I cheated and used frozen dumplings. They tasted just as good.

92/365 - 2nd April
My new keyboard for my laptop. My original stopped working the weekend. Ugh. Stu fitted the keyboard, wiped Windows off, reinstalled it and now my laptop is as good as new.

93/365 - 3rd April
Ellie was at another school disco. She had a fab time!

94/365 - 4th April
Fish fingers and baked beans in tomato ketchup wraps which I got from Tesco! They are so good!

95/365 - 5th April
The girls had a non-uniform day at school. It's the first one they've had in years. 

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  1. Gelli Worlds kit looks like something good enough to eat. Lovely Mother's day cards.
    Like the sound of tomato ketchup wraps, will have to find them for Eddie, he's a ketchup fiend. Ellie looks very happy to go to the school disco.

  2. a great week for you all, I love the jelly bath stuff, i often play with a tubof magic sand, i love the sensory feel of it

  3. Glad you had a lovely Mother's Day and the girls enjoyed their non-uniform day. They have them about once a term at my kids' schools. The tomato ketchup wraps sound intriguing!

  4. Glad they enjoyed the none uniform day.
    The tomato ketchup wraps sound nice, saw some beetroot ones at the free from show.
    Glad your laptop is working well again. mine had a new keyboard earlier this year as well.

  5. Not sure about the ketchup wraps, but like the idea of fishfingers in wraps. I always buy packet mix dumplings. It means if I'm not back from tennis to put them in the stew, the OH can cope with them easily enough

  6. What a fab sounding week. My kids love non uniform day too, it's something a little different. I am not a fan of fish fingers, I wish I did. x

  7. The Gelli Worlds Fantasy Pack looks like great sensory play to me #365

  8. We always seem to have non uniform day for something or another here. Glad you had a good mothers day #365

  9. You always seem to find the most usual things in Tesco! I love the sound of tomato ketchup wraps and I know two little people who would love them. I haven't been brave enough to try out Gelli yet I am worried they will get it in the carpet! Hope you had a lovely Mothers Day and that they are having a great Easter break x

  10. I didn't know tomato ketchup wraps was a thing! I love the colour of them. Ours have a Gelli Worlds Fantasy Pack too and can't get enough of the slime! x

  11. Tomato Ketchup wraps!! Thats a new one? Might have to try them..Bee loves Tomato ketchup! You just reminded me we have a packet of Gelli somewhere...should get it out and let Bee play with it.

  12. I thought they were beetroot wraps! My eldest's school rarely do non uniform as the heateacher doesn't like them but my daughter's school uses them all the time in exchange for donations for the fair. #project365