Wednesday 17 April 2019

Schleich - Bayala purple magic horses from Smyths Toys - Review!

Over the last year or so I have noticed Schleich toys. Mostly farm animals and dinosaurs which did not take Ellie's fancy but there is a new range out which did catch her eye! The Bayala purple magic horses!

She is a big fan of anything magical and mythical so these were right up her street! She actually screeched with joy when they arrived!

The Bayala universe is being enchanted by new purple magic horses. The proud moon unicorn stallion and the dazzling star Pegasus mare guard their cute shooting star foal.

All three figures are decorated with glitter elements and rhinestones. 

Moon unicorn, stallion -  £13.99

This proud stallion is a moon unicorn and with his friendly, open eyes, always keeps a watchful eye on his family – the star Pegasus mare and their shooting star unicorn foal.

Star Pegasus, mare - £13.99

This beautiful star Pegasus mare is not from this world. She comes from the infinite space of the universe and you can see this at first glance.

Shooting-star-unicorn, foal - £7.49

The cute shooting star unicorn foal is more daring than the adult unicorns. His bold and curious ways help him to explore the magical world of Bayala.

Aren't they just beautiful! Ellie is in love with them. She really adores them. She has played with them off and on for a few weeks and is showing no signs of losing interest in them. The foal is the ideal size for fitting in her coat pocket and taking out which she has a couple of times. I think they might be her favourite toys!

These are all available to buy from from Smyths Toys Superstores

We were sent the Bayala purple magic horses free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. They are so pretty and I love the glittery finish. My friend's little girl is all horses and unicorns so she would love these! :) x

  2. They are gorgeous! They look like collectables x

  3. We're big fans of Shleich, and have quite a lot of toys. Their range is amazing. Love the look of the magic horses. They would look great on the shelves next to fantasy books. :)