Wednesday 10 April 2019

Perfect pink and not so good green hair dye!

Last summer the kids had the ends of their hairs dyed and then it wasn't a success for both of them. The red ends worked so well for Becky but the pink never did really show up for Ellie but she was happy with the blonde so it wasn't all bad.

I said they could dye their hair again when they had a decent time off school and the Easter holidays was the time. They have a whole 17 days.

Becky wanted the ends of her hair green and Ellie wanted hers pink. Last time I bought cheap dyes from the pound shop and they weren't great so I decided to go with a brand I know and trust, the Schwarzkopf Live one's. They are the one's I use and they work every time!!

Ellie has mousey brown hair and Becky dark brown hair so they both needed their hair lightening a bit before the colour went on and that's where the Absolute Platinum came in. Ellie's hair went like what was shown on the box and Becky's looked blonde but a bit orange. Eek!

Once we'd lightened the hair we put the colours on. The pink on Ellie's was really pink. I'd say hot pink but it's exactly what she wanted. She's the type of person that lives by the saying "go big or go home". lol 

I wished I'd remembered to take photos during putting the dyes on but every I did I had the gloves on covered in dye! Oops.

When I put the green on Becky's hair it looked more turquoise than the emerald greenish colour it was supposed to be. We weren't worried. Last time I put a brown hair dye on my head it came out of the bottle and went on looking like a white cream.

It took a good few hours to finish dying the kids hairs and we had one success and one failure.

Ellie's turned out brilliantly! The pink is brighter than we every imagined it could be and she is over the moon with it. It's a good job that when she needs to go back to school we were planning to cut her hair anyway.

Becky's dye did not go as well. It came out looking slightly patchy and not as green as she'd have liked. I took photos which she wouldn't let me post to social media at the time. The photos make it look worse than it is. It looks so different in real life.

On Saturday we went out and bought blue hair dye. She was done with the green and went right off it when it went wrong. We put it on and rinsed it off and I was worried. It looked way too dark but as soon as we'd dried it, it looked completely different. Phew! It's now a bluish/green! I love it and she's very happy with it.

Someone said to me they would never let their children dye their hair but my girls are 11 and 16 years old. I can think of worse things they could be doing with their bodies. 

I shouldn't have to justify what I allow my children to do but I'm going to. It's just a bit of fun. The hair dye won't be damaging their scalp because it doesn't go that far up! In fact the dye out of the bottle/tube doesn't even touch their skin until it has been washed and rinsed and it's well and truly on their hair. 

I only let the girls dye their hair when it's at a length when it needs cutting. Dyed hair is not allowed in school so just before they go back after the holidays they will have the colour cut off.

They both love being a little different and I think them dying their hair is a great way to give them a little freedom and choice about how they look.

Have you ever dyed your hair a wild colour?


  1. I can't believe that someone told you that you shouldn't dye your girls hair, what a cheek! I think the pink and the blue look great. (the green not so, but we have to learn.) I dye my eldest daughters hair for her and she likes wacky colours. She always uses Live blonde first but she buys her colours on Amazon called Arctic Fox. The colours are fantastic, but they do wash out eventually. I hope the girls enjoy their Easter hair :)

  2. Awww you did so so well mind. Sometimes you have to make errors 5o learn X #mmbc

  3. I’ve dyed my hair since I was about 12. I used to use henna from the body Mum wasn’t too pleased with that!! But now I use the schwarzkopf live ones. Usually the real red. And it’s only my own bathroom I’m making a mess of! Lol.

  4. Have I ever dyed my hair a wild colour, hmmm let me think hehe. I think allowing them to experiment when they are young, gives them more confidence to try new things when they are older x

  5. I do not see anything wrong with this, looks great, teaches them a whole host of things,how to do it right being important, and allows them some freedom.
    Have to wonder did you allow the older one to die her hair at 11 or does the younger one do it because the older one does?
    I bought Dinky childrens nail varnish and nail tattoos as part of her 5th birthday as Fifi paints her nails ( and Minky's) for her. Fifi would not have been allowed nail varnish at 5 but in families borderlines get pushed by younger ones wanting what the older one have

    1. You are right. When my eldest was 11 I wouldn't have let her dye her hair and now my 11 year old has her's done because my teen does. lol Come to think of it there's a lot of things my youngest does which I wouldn't have let my teen do at her age. Eek! x

  6. They both look fab! And so glad Becky's turned out OK in the end. Oh this takes me back to the times I have dyed my hair and it has gone drastically wrong, then having to ask someone else to go get another dye to put it right! 🤣
    I think it's good that you are giving your girls the freedom to dye their hair, I see nothing wrong with that, it's part of growing up. x

  7. I'd love to have the guts to do something mad with the colour in my hair. The blue looks great. I think it's no issue doing the ends. They're old enough to decide for themselves, and it's going to get chopped off before school is back

  8. I love their hair. I've never dyed my hair, but think it looks so fun. You are so right about there being worse things they could do. Some of the stories my eldest in 6th form comes home with....I'm glad she doesn't join in! #MMBC