Saturday 13 April 2019

Week 15 of #Project365 - A photo every day for a year!

Just like that the first week of the Easter holidays has gone! Becky has had revision classes at school and I have had plenty of one on one time with Ellie which has been lovely. When the girls have been together they have got on so well. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and it's too true with my two.

Now for a photo every day. I have taken so many of the girls over the past week. 

96/365 - 6th April
Becky finally got her dyed hair after it going slightly wrong on Friday. 

97/365 - 7th April
Sunday is always xbox day for the kids. Ugh!

98/365 - 8th April
Off to school for a revision class. It was only for a few hours and she really enjoyed it.

99/365 - 9th April
I glanced over to see what pointless game Becky was playing but it turns out she was doing some revision. It made me very proud!

100/365 - 10th April
Since Ellie discovered it was National Unicorn Day earlier in the week she has worn nothing but unicorn clothes. Obsessed!

101/365 - 11th April
The girls have been enjoying riding their bikes over the past week. 

102/365 - 12th April
I got the craft boxes out for Ellie to play with. She played for a good hour or so painting, gluing and creating an Easter scene.

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  1. The dyed hair looks really good! It's great to hear that Becky has been enjoying her revision sessions at school. Neither of my son's schools have offered these. Ellie really looks like she's concentrating on her Easter craft.

  2. It makes total sense to wear the unicorn clothes on the Unicorn day. :) Dyed hair looks fun (will the girls be allowed to wear it in school like this?). How lovely that Becky was doing her revision without being prompted. It's been a good weather for the bikes.

  3. Her hair looks fab. I've been surprised at how little N has ridden his bike this holiday. Hope you all enjoy the second week of the holidays

  4. Becky is working really hard, well done to her and I love her hair, it looks amazing

  5. Love the dyed hair and great that she's doing so well with revision classes #365

  6. Nice to see them out pn their bikes and brilliant that ( for a short while at least) they are getting on.
    Hope the revision pays off

  7. Love the dyed hair it looks really good. That's good that Becky is enjoying the revision. Ours seem to have these over the easter holidays. xx

  8. Love the dyed hair! Glad she is enjoying the revision sessions as I remember that sometimes they weren't always fun!

  9. It's great to see your daughter taking her studies seriously #365

  10. School during the holidays shows dedication! I hope it helps her grades. I have never dyed my hair! #project365