Friday 5 April 2019

This week my Word of the Week is: Broken! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

On Saturday evening I was happily tweeting away and I noticed that my B and N keys weren't working on my laptop keyboard. I Googled "N & B keys not working and Google finished the sentence for me, on a HP laptop. It was a known fault. Ugh! Apparently it was easy to fix. I just had to uninstall they keyboard, reinstall it and it should work. It didn't. I tried a ton of other things too. It was well and truly broken!

Thankfully we have a spare laptop which Becky had claimed and I got on with using that. It was such a faff. It is old and only has Windows 7 which I am not used to, the keyboard is bigger and the screen flickers if it isn't at the right angle! 

I ordered a new keyboard off Ebay on Sunday afternoon and kept my fingers crossed that would fix it. In the mean time Stu suggested wiping Windows from my laptop and starting again. It's been running slow for a while, it didn't play videos in colour when it was plugged in to the charger and it could have done with starting from scratch. I spent Sunday taking everything I needed off it. Photos, videos and all the important things. It was a good job it was Mother's day and I had a day off from the house work and cooking. hehehe I at least at the time to do it.

On Tuesday my new keyboard arrived and I spent the whole day waiting for Stu to get in from work to fit it. I looked on YouTube and there was a video with instructions but I was going to leave it to Stu. At least then if it didn't work I could blame him. lol. He had the new keyboard on within 10 minutes and it worked! Phew! I spent the next few hours putting everything back on it and getting it how I liked it. Re-installing Windows on my laptop did fix all the niggly issues it had and I can now watch videos in colour again. hehehe

Ellie has been slightly broken this week. She is full of cold and exhausted but she's battling on with school. She refused to have a day off school on Wednesday because she had the school disco to go to on the evening and yesterday she just had to go to school to talk to her friends about the disco She's worn out.

I spent most of Wednesday night tossing and turning. Stu was snoring and when I went to bed it was lashing down with rain. As soon as I went to go to sleep the thunder started and didn't stop for a good hour. The lightning was lighting up the bedroom. I am terrified of storms so I just laid there not sleeping. I felt pretty broken. As soon as the kids went to school yesterday morning I went back to bed. hehehe

In other news Becky got the results for the Health & Social Care exam! She got a Level 1 Distinction which is an old school D but when her coursework is added on it will be bumped to a Level 2 Merit or Distinction which will be an A or B. Her teacher is so chuffed and I am too. She has worked so hard and I think the college she's applied to do H&S care are going to be well impressed.

Today the Easter holidays start and we couldn't be happier. We are ready for a break from the routine and a few lie in's and lazy days. 


  1. School broke up yesterday for us too. Lovely not to rush up and chivvy the children out of bed for school this morning. Bliss! Well done Becky. I bet she's walking on air. Glad the new keyboard fixed the problem. So frustrating when it happens. We don't seem to have had the same dramatic weather as you. It's just rained. Hope you have a good weekend and enjoy your break from the routine. #wotw

  2. It's so frustrating when computers don't work especially when you rely on them like us bloggers do. It's great you managed to get it fixed. Poor Ellie, hope she's feeling batter now. Well done Becky that's a brilliant result ! Have a great weekend x

  3. oh no, I don't like the word 'broken' but I'm so glad your post ended up on a happy note. Well done Becky! Enjoy your break...ours don't break up for another week! Thanks for linking up to #wotw xx

  4. I meant to say, I hope Ellie is feeling better now too xx

  5. That laptop situation sounds very stressful, but glad it is all sorted! Hope Ellie is feeling better and very well done to Becky for her results! No wonder you are proud. Enjoy the Easter holidays.

  6. I'm glad you got your laptop sorted, that would stress me right out! Well done on the exam results, it's such a stressful time, isn't it? We have to wait another week for holidays, I can't wait! x

  7. Glad you got your keyboard sorted out and hope Ellie is now feeling better. Well done to Becky on her exam results. Hope you are enjoying the start of the Easter holidays x #WotW

  8. Aw well done Becky thats amazing news, I bet that was such a pain I would struggle without my key board. I cant believe you have had thunder, thats mad you would think it was the right time of year, lets hope thats a good sign that we have a warm front coming in x