Tuesday 10 July 2018

A last minute teacher gift from Wax Lyrical. #ScentWithLove

Most schools are breaking up for the summer holidays over the next couple of weeks and there is still time to order some last minute presents for the wonderful teachers who have been teaching your children for the last year....

The Thank You Teacher 50ml Reed Diffuser from Wax Lyrical would make a great gift....

Give your favourite teacher a Thanks they won’t forget with this fragrant treat!

Inspired by traditional greetings cards the GiftScents collection enables you to choose the occasion, fill in the ‘To’ and ‘From’ sections with a personalised message and gift an expertly blended Wax Lyrical reed diffuser in a specially designed gift box guaranteed to make anyone’s day.

Each GiftScents card comes with a 50ml reed diffuser with a fresh fruity fragrance with hints of green apple and grapefruit on a base of flowers and musk....

It really does smell so good. Even though we are giving this to one of Ellie's teachers I had a sneaky smell and I am quite jealous. It smells fresh and makes me think of summer. I could really smell the apple which seems a perfect scent for a teacher....

A gift that is a card is a fantastic idea. It saves you having to buy both a gift and card....hehehe It has a sweet little message on the inside to say thank you

The Thank You Teacher 50ml Reed Diffuser costs £7.99 and I think it is a fab gift....

Wax Lyrical have a whole host of other GiftScent cards for all occasions.....Birthdays, Good luck, Valentine, New home and many more...I have saved the page to my favourites and I am sure I will be buying some in the future as gifts for loved one's.....

I was sent this free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. What a cute idea! The range of gifts available for teachers now is crazy!

  2. oh yes that is a lovely gift. I love that it's using apple one of the traditional teacher gifts and the packaging is lovely. I've only one gift to buy this year and the teacher is male. He's also a big Star Wars fan so I've bought him a Star Wars mug. x

  3. I had the Christmas scents of these Kim and they had such nice scents. I love that they have expanded the range to include gifts for teachers, it's always so difficult to find something a little different to buy for them x

  4. that is such a lovely gift and I really like how simple they've kept it. I saw some mugs and water bottles today and felt they were just too over the top with ''star teacher'' or ''you're the best''. I don't think it's always authentic to gush too much over descriptions as there's always that slight twitch of ''hmmm except that time when ...''. I think gratitude is always valuable so the simple 'thank you' is perfect