Saturday 21 July 2018

Inflatables, homework and goodbyes! - Week 29. #Project365

Over the past week I have cried a lot. Lots of happy and proud tears. It has been an emotional week. My youngest Ellie left primary school.....I full on cried in the playground yesterday. I wasn't the only one though...A teacher who is leaving came out crying and set me off....She has been there a good few years and taught Ellie in year 3 then the year sixes came out. They were all crying too....I managed to say goodbye to Ellie's teacher inbetween sobs. The summer holidays are now here and we can relax, be lazy and have fun! 

Now for a photo every day....

195/365 - 14th July.
She is an expert at multi-tasking.....Eating, listening, watching & singing to music videos on YouTube and playing Roblox....

196/365 - 15th July.
She apparently needed an inflatable whale for the paddling pool so she bought with her pocket money....

197365 - 16th July.
My fella is too soft....When Ellie bought the whale she actually wanted the unicorn but that was more than she had....He went and got her it. Eesh!

198/365 - 17th July.
The kids were rewarded for doing well in their exams. SATs and mock GCSE's....Ellie got a doctors set that she had been wanting for ages and Becky got a fancy gaming mouse....Ellie loves the glasses out of the set even thought they are too small. lol

199/365 - 18th July.
Ellie has maths homework to do over the holidays and it was sent home early....It said on the front that the answers were in the back which she was happy about. She was not too happy when I took the back two sheets off. hahaha

200/365 - 19th July.
Ellie had taken her presents in for the teachers but I wanted to write a card from Stu & I to Ellie's teacher just to say thank you for everything she has done over the past couple of years.

201/365 - 20th July.
Ellie was clearing out her school bag and she showed me the note from her teacher! I cried again....Ellie's teacher has really helped my girl find her voice and learn to speak up.



  1. What a lovely note to Ellie from her teacher! very moving. Eddie had a lovely school report with a very personal note from his teacher who's leaving for Australia. I thought she was very kind to write to Eddie. The whale and the unicorn look fun!

  2. It is lovely when a teacher just clicks with your child and they have a good relationship that really brings out the best in them, such a lovely note.
    Hated it when hubby would say ues or buy them something I had said no to.
    lol at taking the answers away.

  3. Some great pictures this week, love those glasses! #365

  4. What a lovely note! Sounds like quite a week - we have already started on that emotional rollercoaster, but term doesn't finish till Tuesday.

  5. Great pics of the week. Enjoyed your narrative - kids grow up and it's hard on parents. #MMBC

  6. I'd be sobbing too, and that's such a lovely note to leave her #365

  7. Big change! I didn't feel too emotional at the end of the year this time but I did last year when they finished preschool and infants. #project365

  8. such a lovely note from ellie's teacher, hope you enjoy the school holidays